How to Red-Pill a Bishop

Have you tried to work with your bishop? How open are they to meeting the regular Joe of the diocese?

The Venerable Archbishop Sheen once asked,

Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to you, the people. You have the minds, the eyes, and the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops act like bishops, and your religious act like religious.

I regret following the link and spending 30 seconds scanning the article. Now I’ve lost 30 seconds I could’ve spent playing Wordscapes.


What is your issue with the article, it promotes working with the bishops to get your views across. The author defends some bishops being criticized. Why is that not worth your time?

Do you prefer that people just criticize the bishops or just blindly follow them?

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The catch is that red-pilling also makes one critical of Trump.


it is better to work with the bishops and try to reach common ground

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This part:
“Now, whether Mr. Biden calls himself a Catholic or a Buddhist or a Hare Krishna, Mr. Biden is not the legitimately elected President of the United States. “

I joined cancel culture and can’t take the rest of it seriously.

It’s all over but the crying.


Great article.

I don’t think you know what “red-pilling” means.

Heard that for 4 years, why is it different now?

The message about working with the bishops is the take-away


What is that common ground?

From what I remember, red-pilling comes from that Hollywood movie The Matrix, where those who take the red pill realize unpleasant truths, which ironically includes the point that red-pilling also makes one critical of Trump.

In my diocese, one may have a long wait, but an appointment with our Archbishop can be done. I don’t know if this still applies today but years ago one had to give a bit of an idea to his secretary what the appointment was about.
We have recently had a change of Archbishop.
Best move is to ring up your diocesan offices and ask to speak to His Grace’s secretary and ask about possibility of making an appointment with him.


Notice what Sheen is not saying. He’s not saying Laity should do the role of the priest, religious, bishop.

Faux Catholic websites such as NCRonline or Church Militant are urging laity to take on the bishop role.

In other writings Sheen has urged Laity to do the role of the Laity. But most Laity are not working at that job. Thus we see the large-scale breakdown of the family. Thus. The frequent election of pro abortion politicians due to lay passivity.


To be fair, we should always look at our leaders with a critical eye.

“Question Authority” wasn’t just about Nixon

If by that you mean that people routinely claimed that Trump’s election was illegitimate, I have to say that I never heard that seriously claimed, whether just after the election in 2016 up to just before the election in 2020 or at any time in between. I did hear a lot of people say that it was a bad choice and he was a terrible President (and many saying the opposite of course), but not that he was not actually and legitimately elected. That’s one difference between then and now.


Not sure who or what this is “fair” to.
The secular culture constantly demands we challenge authority of leaders, but accept blindly the authority of the media.

In my area, the media constantly portray Catholic laity as rightfully angry at bishops, demanding accountability from bishops (and only from them).

There is no mention of lay passivity on prolife, on so many other things.

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Did anyone else find this article to be a mess? Clarity is not this writer’s strong suit.
In addition to the article’s wandering lack of focus, he demonstrably doesn’t understand the theological virtue of hope as it pertains to the Bp Barron discussion.

Haha very true

Now that obviously depends on the issue you are addressing

Does the laity have input? Can the laity influence the bishop? You don’t think this is going on now?

Hillary never stopped complaining and not my president seemed to be a Hollywood battle cry. There is no difference

Why don’t you explain it to us? rev martin calls the Holy Spirit a “she”. Seems the bishop needs to provide teaching not endorsements

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Complaining that she lost is not the same as asserting illegitimacy or claiming that she actually won. And she did in fact concede at the appropriate time. Big difference as far as I can see. And who really cares what the mantra du jour in Hollywood is anyway?


Your reference to a common ground, of course.

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