How to redeem myself? Missing Mass today after confession yesterday -


I went to Confession yesterday afternoon, where I confessed having missed Mass for nearly 2 months. I was/am genuinely contrite and sorry.

I am missing Mass today though, for a variety of reasons, including work this afternoon/evening, procrastination, feeling overwhelmed and anxious, and just shutting down.

**What I am asking is, how do I come back from this? I feel so guilty and feel as though I negated the whole act of going to Confession. And that if I ask God for anything, it will not be heard as I have not fulfilled my obligation of going to Mass. I think God is very disappointed in me.

I felt very good and cleansed after Confession yesterday and today, I feel hopeless and guilty, like I will never change and that I am really just a fraud, only going to Mass and church to ask for things.**


Update: I am going to the 12:00 mass. :slight_smile:


Every day’s a new day, angel. Don’t beat yourself up over yesterday. God is “I am,” not “I was.” Further, beating yourself over what happened yesterday, or last week, or last year, is absolutely counterproductive, as there is literally nothing you can do about it.


Missing Mass, on occasion, for some reason, is not necessarily an actual mortal sin. Only a just (serious, not trivial) reason is needed to miss Mass without it being a grave sin.


Thank you so much! It put a big smile on my face to read that. God bless you!


Angelwings10 don’t get discouraged or despair - those are feelings that the evil one wants you to have! He wants you to feel dirty, and useless for sinning immediately after confession - but have hope and faith! Know that God is merciful, and wants you to succeed for you were not made for failure.

God’s mercy is infinite and it is a mystery. It sounds like you are struggling with this particular stumbling block, and know that every single poster here on this board goes through the same struggle, but with different sins. It is important to resolve to try your best, and simply bring that. A journey begins one step at a time.

All that is important is that you don’t give up trying. The best time to plant a tree was yesterday - the next best time is today. Don’t fret the failures of yesterday - try to make today the best you can.


Wonderful, you resisted the temptation. That makes you stronger for the next time your tempted. You know you can do it! God Bless, Memaw


You can almost see the spiritual battle going on here between 8:31am and 9:19am. So good!


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