How to reply to my parents?


Hi all,

There’s something that’s been on my heart for ages. I was hoping that someone can help me with this.

My parents do not go to church. My mother came from a convent school and has bad memories of the nuns forcing them to watch numerous slide shows of Jesus and the saints. She says she’s got enough of catechism, and has decided that it doesn’t matter how she prays (ie church or no church makes no difference) especially since her prayers were never answered by God. A “good” example was several years ago, when she felt in her heart that something terrible was going to happen, and she prayed every night for everyone’s safety, but my cousin was killed in a horrific car crash in July that year. She’s disappointed, and so always asks me to pray for her, since to her, God will only listen to me now.

My dad thinks that God is not all powerful. He buys books like the God Delusion and Why Bad Things Happen To Good People as proof that God can never help us, so why bother? When he was a kid his family was terribly poor, and he was subject to much ill-treatment and scorn from his relatives and outsiders, so much so that he no longer believes in the kindness of people.

How can I talk to them about God? How do I tell my mother not to be disappointed in God? I’ve shared with her that there are so many things in life that we can all be thankful to God for, and she said, " Like what?" I’ve been going to church for more than a year now, but my dad is still angry that I do. He;s got the idea that people at churches are all out to fleece me of my money and my soul.

I know the Bible is rather firm in the eventual end of non-believers, and it hurts that my parents, the ones who gave me life (physically of course), will probably end up that way.

Is there anything I can do?



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I wish I could answer for you, but instead I will share. I prayed for a member of my family for 15 years that they return to the Church. They did return to the Church, though, and they were anointed right before death. I feel at peace about her. Who’d have thought it? I’ve another relative that I pray for, and I’ve seen zero results, but she is much younger.


There is alays something that can be done. Be of cheerfull disposition in going about your own religious life, speaking about it when asked, and doing it in practice as best you can.

As far as giving examples of what to be thankful to God for I often start with oxygen.


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