How to reprimand sin


We are told in the catechism to repremand sin, i believe. Today at school I was in a horrible situation where people were lying and saying that I had blasphemed against Our Lady, which I had definitely not done. Before I knew it, a crowd of them was gathering around me uttering the most obscene insults against her and saying repulsive things about our mother. I tried to repremand them calmly, but I must admit, I lost my temper after this had continued for several minutes. I lost control and nearly slapped the face of one of them, but fortunately I missed.

Bearing in mind that we should reprimand and correct sin, how should situations like this be handled in a catholic and Christian way, without committing the sin of anger.


You can tell them calmly that what they are doing is wrong and offensive. Then walk away. There is no point staying in the midst of the situation when they are clearly trying to get you to lose your temper, because when they succeed in making you lose your temper, they think they have won.

There are situations where the courageous thing to do is to walk away.

Some things to ask yourself when you see the need for fraternal correction:
*]Does this behavior need to be corrected?
*]Am I the right person to do it?
*]Is this the right time to do it?
*]Is my correction likely to have the desired effect?
[/LIST]It sounds like in the situation you described, at least the last two points could be answered in the negative.

One thing you might consider doing is making the First Saturday devotions. These were requested by Our Lady of Fatima in reparation for the offenses committed against her. For the first Saturday of five consecutive months, you would:
*]Go to confession
*]Receive Communion
*]Pray five decades of the Rosary
*]Meditate for fifteen minutes on the mysteries of the Rosary (any or all of the Mysteries)


Thanks. I would do this devotion, but I am unconfirmed and my parents won’t let me be confirmed for 3 years, so I can’t recieve communion.


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