How to resist masturbation?


You are completely right. Masturbation is absolutely NOT just a man’s issue, and so many women get overlooked in the issue because “Women don’t understand, or stuggle as much as men do.” this is complete nonsense. In my experience (as a woman I might add) I’d just just as many women struggle just as much with it, it’s just we are taught to shut the heck up about it, because if anyone found out, we’d be seen as inferior.


Well, try to think of it this way… as a baptized Catholic, you are part of Christs body and whatever you do to your body, you do to His.

Marinate on that for awhile.

For men with this problem I think a visual reminder of Our lady, especially of Sorrows, is a good visual and mental ‘cue’ also. Prayer, especially the Rosary is much needed.

Practically speaking I think you need to find something else that relieves stress, exercise, some other physical activity.

It’s good that you have resolved to kick this habit. It can really have negative lasting effects on you in ways you probably can’t appreciate now, spiritually, mentally, physically. It can become a problem later when you’re married and have implications for you and your wife as well.

Prayers for you that you can kick the habit:):signofcross:


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