How to respond regarding the priest sex scandal?


What is the best way to respond to the Sex abuse scandal like on social media like Facebook or in person?

How is everyone else responding?


How about praying and fasting? Increasing your presence and influence in the Church by volunteering? Write a letter to the Bishops?


Say yes it happened, yes we acknowledge it happened. We , as a church , are taking big steps to prevent it ever happening again. The point out it’s across the board, as an institutional issue, for example in schools, sporting clubs…so society cannot afford to relax its vigilance may on this ever again.

AND pray for the survivors


I had a debate on Facebook with someone who wanted to broadbrush all Priests as guilty. I know we shouldn’t be defensive here, but being that I have a lot of good friends who are priests, seeing them broadbrushed like this doesn’t sit well with me.


No surprise there. The world will never “like” priests who are faithful. To a greater or lesser degree, the world will always be “against” Catholicism unless we change Christ’s teachings.


It seems to be happening on CAF too. It’s a human reaction. People will go through hate, anger, denial, sadness,


What does your heart tell you? I would pray and listen to your heart and respond. I honestly can’t rely on anything else at this point. I’m angry so angry at this situation. The Pope and Cardinal Wuerl need to step down immediately.


To be honest, Im struggling myself. I have always considered myself a strong Catholic and would never leave the Church, but part of me wonders if something like this would put that in doubt. I know the Church is where the Sacraments and the Eucharist are and there are no other Churches out there that believe in the true presence, except the Orthodox. Would it be sinful to go to the Orthodox Church? There are no other protestant Churches with the fullness of the Truth. I hope and pray that what needs to be done to right the ship is done.


Tell the truth about how you feel. Sad, angry, betrayed, disgusted…there is no reason to lie. The best thing we can do right now is be honest with ourselves and others.


I haven’t said much. I’m just praying a lot. I come from a family of either fallen away or lukewarm Catholics and I already know what they’re going to say. I always get to hear a litany of everything wrong with the church after coming home from mass and they’ve only attended because it’s a funeral.

Some days I feel sad, other days I feel angry. Today I suppose I feel like a lonely sheep that wants to stay.


Well if this is what went on in the Catholic Church, you can only imagine what’s going on in homes and other institutions of society.

According to a priest I heard who spoke on it, the two sins he hears most in confession are, addiction to porn and masturbation.

Keep in mind, this is just from the men who go to confession, never mind the non-Christians.

We can only imagine what those who have no scruples are involved with.



Admit it happened, say how wrong it is and that it is NOT what the Catholic Church should be about, say that these men and women in authority who abused are sinners just like you and me and deserve the chance for repentance and forgiveness if they ask, say that the Church since 2002 has implemented strict guidelines for all Church Parishes in this country that anybody who is around minors for Church activities must go through safe environment training, say that the Church now has a zero tolerance policy and any abuse is reported to authorities first and then to the Church officials and say that yes mistakes have ben made but the Church is trying to correct them and see that the same kind of mistakes don’t happen again. Also emphasize PRAYING for ALL CATHOLIC CLERGY!


Excellent question.

I respond

Although, unjustifiable, the Catholic church has not been the only church that has, unfortunately, had this issue in the past. That being said, this has absolutely been a devastatingly ordeal for those who hold the Catholic faith with the highest respect and love. May I remind you, that we are all sinners, and not one is without sin other than our beloved savior. Lastly, although these priest have committed some outright, and for many unforgivable sins, their actions “Do Not One Bit” change or influence Church teachings or doctrine. I still love being Catholic. I pray that those who have been affected by such tragedies get justice and heard by Church leaders, so no one ever has to go through such an awful ordeal.


Mass attendance at my parish is down about 40% since the news broke. Our pastor read a letter from our bishop last Sunday. A number of people got up and left while he was reading. My general impression is that people are very angry and need a cooling off period.


This happens


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