How to respond to a militant atheist?

. I don’t believe in 1st century religious superstitions.
Does it bother you to be a member of a doomsday cult and to think that your god is going to torture two-thirds of the worlds population just because they don’t believe in your god? That works out to about 4.5 billion people that will burn in hell for all eternity as your god gleefully tends to the fire. Don’t you have a problem with that? Most rational people would. So why would you choose to worship such a sadistic monster? Most rational people wouldn’t.
So when Jesus finally returns to dispense his 1st century barbarism, do you think he is going to go door-to-door and shoot non-believers in the face, or do you think he will really want to get his hands dirty and hack off heads with a dull knife like the Muslims like to do? More importantly, are you going to just sit by and watch the slaughter unfold, maybe enjoy a little popcorn and a cold drink, or do you think you will suit up in your favorite camo costume and join in on the religious cleansing?

–this was from a CNN forum. Laughable but sad too

God doesn’t send people to Hell. People choose Hell because they turn on God, so some people start living Hell here, before they die. For instance, they prefer sexual relations to God and don’t realize that by so doing and disobeying Him, they will be missing infinitely better things in the afterlife and for an eternity. I know because I was one of the lost until God heard my prayers and pulled me out of a decadent lifestyle fourteen years ago when I returned to the Catholic Church. I’m much happier now.

Hell is the absence of anything good since all good comes from God. Not everyone will hear about Jesus Christ, but those who do have a choice to make. God will treat those who don’t know Christ with Love and Mercy if they have lived by His Law which is written in the heart.

And as far as the fires of hell, I read recently that they actually assuage, or ease, the pain of knowing you will never know God, your Creator and the source of anything good you have known in this life. It made the puzzle come together for me. It made perfect sense.

I would tell atheists they have nothing to lose by asking God everyday to show them the Way, through Jesus Christ. That’s what I have always counseled other people to pray, and that’s what I did myself. So, pray humbly even if you don’t believe, and your life will change.

The misled people of our time…:coffeeread: I might say, why are you so angry? It most likely will infuriate him, though it wouldn’t be my purpose. They know not love and it’s in a way a desire there, deep inside. On a forum, or any written form of dialog, I would say it is impossible to lead a person from this kind of error. Just by face to face discussion, where one can also observe the other. If your not prepared I say do not go in to discussions like this. It will get you infuriated, too, most likely. It takes time, patience and setting an example, that we are not some blood thirsty cult.

This makes simple, beautiful sense.

Where charitable sincerity and truth cannot penetrate; prayer will. x

Mrs Jenny nice reply.

An old Irish man was asked why he went to mass everyday and he said he wasn’t very religious but that he wasn’t taking any chances.

I find that when things really go wrong people tend to find faith quickly. If your friend has this current mind set then they may be seeking confrontation or for an excuse to discuss the subject with you. If this person is younger you may find this is an easy way of discussing faith without losing street credibility.

don’t bother.

you have no relationship with this person, and a “posting war” will do no good.

Their initial comments are chock full of logical fallacies. They are not looking for intelligent conversation.

The best you can do is pray for this person.

What about simply yawning and walking away? Sometimes no reaction, or indifference, is the best response of all. They want to infuriate and fight. Don’t give them anything to fight with but themselves. They are bound to lose.

Poor man. Such a big mouth. Such a little… mind…

It doesn’t make me laugh. I am not sure this sort of promotion of lies and hate should be allowed in a civilized society. It most certainly gives the concept of free speech a black eye.

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