How to respond to a posting via email? Discobot offers no clues


How to respond to a posting via email? The email envelope icon never appears when I go to respond – not even those those who posted via email. Discobot offers no clues… Thanks…


what do you mean “posting via email?”


When I reply to you you should get an email with my reply. Reply to that email to respond via email. I assume you’re after the badge.


Thank you for helping me. I still don’t know why I cannot see the little
email envelope within the CAF though.


I’m confused about what you mean by the little email envelope. I see one on your post that I’m replying to because you sent it by email.


If I go to the badges page and look up responding by email, it appears that I can privately respond to a post by email right from here, rather than the reverse. That must be the source of my confusion.

In any event, thanks again.


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