How to respond to Dave Hunt's book?


How do I respond to a Protestant who quotes from Dave Hunt’s book, A Woman Rides The Beast, in regards to the infallibility of the Pope and how earlier Popes supposedly taught heresy? Hunt tries to show that since Popes have taught heresy, the apostolic authority was lost.

What should be the response to these claims?




It’s nothing new, been going on since Luther.

One suggestion would be to get Karl Keatings book, Catholicism and Fundamentalism - The Attack on Romanism by Bible Christians (I think that’s it). It’s a great reference for refuting these kinds of things.

And remember, there are people who are going to believe whatever they want to. Often they have so much of themselves vested in their choice of beliefs that they won’t listen to any reason. Walk on by.


Oh and ask whether they are talking about the ‘antipopes’ of the Middle Ages. There was a time when division in the papacy was evident, but that has long ago been done away with, and the damage righted.

Trying to attack Catholicism with the faults of people six hundred years ago is like trying to attack the United States because of slavery. Yes it happened, no it is no longer operative, and the sins of the father aren’t visited on the sons. Unless you have an axe to grind, and can find nothing better to find fault with.


These kinds of books are so full of utter hate and ignorance that the people who read and believe them are generally not of a rational and intelligent enough mind to even reason with anyway.

One simple thing you can say is “Is Dave Hunt trying to claim that God made him as infallible as a Catholic Pope?” :wink:



Here’s a “This Rock” article refuting this specific book.


My preferred method is to ask them to explain why they think it’s factual and correct and ask them to demonstrate so. It’s quite disarming in that it allows them complete license to paint themselves into a corner (metaphorically speaking) no matter which route they take. Why? Because it provides them a forum to verbally admit their prejudice against (and hatred of) the Catholic Church. Each time they offer “evidence”…politely and calmly ask them to substantiate it. The more this goes on, the more irritated they become, the more their hatred for the Church becomes apparent. They’ll repeatedly demand that you debate them (which they will)…politely decline. Why? How can you argue with someone who’s so completely close-minded?:smiley:

Works every time. I know, I’ve used this little Socratic method before on a few occasions.


Brian Dewey’s response is a good one with people who are virulent anti-Catholic. I cannot identify with such people who are comfortable with developing positions of extreme hate and leave reason aside; even thought they seem to be otherwise normally functioning persons. I imagine Catholic Answers, EWTN, and the increase in quality Catholic apologetics must frustrate these extremists because they get exposed as being snake oil salesmen in many cases.

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Also, if they are just asking a genuine question and have no interest in debating…then using this method will help them realize that that they shouldn’t believe everything they read. It also helps bring to the fore Anti-Catholicism, which is rampant in our society and how so many people adopt it uncritically.


<< Hunt tries to show that since Popes have taught heresy, the apostolic authority was lost. What should be the response to these claims? >>

Tell him to define “heresy.” He can’t. Heresy is not “that which disagrees with my interpretation of the Bible.” That’s the first problem, he can’t come up with an adequate definition of heresy.

Second, tell him Hunt’s sources are nonsense. Let me find my oldest 2004 post on this: :smiley:

Here we go (my post is #9 in this thread)

Tell the person you can’t trust anything Hunt says until it is backed up in a reputable source. Peter DeRosa’s book (one of Hunt’s main sources) provides no footnotes (for example).

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Was the authority of the apostles lost when:

Peter denied Christ three times.
they abandoned Jesus in the garden of Gethsemane.
Thomas refused to believe in Jesus’ resurrection.


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