How to respond to New agers

Talking to a new ager is like talking to a brick wall, in the end your mouth is sore and the wall hasn’t moved. Reason, arguments, history do not affect the new ager, only emotional pleading and how one feels matters to them. At least in my experience.

You can try to explain how Jesus was not a new ager but they will ignore you.

Thats a bit (a lot) rude don’t you think? Also although I hardly think Jesus was a new ager I think he was very liberal about many things.

Just bare in mind that when you take this approach the “new ager” might feel the same way about talking to you…
Always remember that you are discussing beliefs and not facts. So I happen to agree with the “new ager” that there’s no point in reasoning and there are no “historical” (or scientific) arguments, you can only share experiences and thoughts about the subject.

I usually get called out for being dogmatic and being mean.

I could say the same for many christians. Not all, there are some here who value open debate, but many.

I think the several responses to this post points out two things…

First is the frustration and failings that we all can have in trying to discuss things where the viewpoints are so different.

Second - is the fact that, in some cases, the viewpoints ARE so different. I hesitate to make this statement too general because the term “new age” is not all that well defined. It’s not like “new age” has an organization, meetings and councils and a defined set of dogma’s and doctrines…

Because of these things, discussion between the Catholic and a “new ager” requires patience. It requires a careful look at various practices as well as underlying principles.

Can each side find themselves at an impasse??? Of course.
After all - Jesus himself told us that not all would accept the good news…
The trick is to know when to end a conversation so that Christian charity is preserved.


With this being a catholic website we are discussing spiritual matters so my use of the term “new age” is referring to religious/spiritual practices that contradict Christianity. I am well aware that Catholics don’t use crystals, my question was how to extricate myself from conversations like this when they come up without being rude.

Well the simplest responses are usually the best…and of course it depends on the specific question asked. Your response to the question posed in your OP was just fine - so long as there was nothing offensive in the way you said “no” of course. I mean there is “no” that is more neutral, as in … :shrug: and then there can be a “no” that is not so neutral, as in … :eek:

A simple no will usually end the conversation - but if they question you further on the matter - you can continue to give simple, yet appropriate answers to each question. OR - you can simply say that you prefer not to discuss the matter.

Be simple - sweet - and civil.


Lol :extrahappy: good for you! :angel1:

I would say just dont talk about it and dont show any particular interest. If they do say something just say your not realy into that kind of stuff. If they are real New Agers they probably wont try to pier pressure you into things you arnt comfortable with, being as anti dogmatic and anti-prostylization as they normally are.

Those “many” you are referring to are just pharisees imo…they give christianity a bad name…

Well the thing is, there are esentialy 3 kinds of Christians in my mind

  1. The run of the mill average guy, sometimes called “Cafeteria catholics” or worse “Cultural Pagans” by more devout Christians. They arnt realy a christian person so much as a person who is christian.

  2. Devout people who are reasonable, knowledgeable, and posses enough mental flexibility to actually debate and not simply spout prepared lines and bible verses.

  3. Cough do i realy have to say it. Devout, but otherwise everything 2 is not.

Oh yes, I mean no 3s, They are the ones I’d call pharisees.
Re no2 christians: there’s nothing wrong with devotion and being reasonable and knowledgable…and of course they aren’t the ones who tend to get into mudslinging with others.

I actually have quite a bit of respect for class 2 Christians, if i didnt i wouldnt be here

Yes, me too! I think they are the “real” ones. I’ve met a lot more of no2s growing up though I seem to recall…

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