How to respond to reductionist appeals to Philippians 1:18


Maybe it’s time for the talks to end? Is his faith in Jesus? That’s about all he needs. The rest is just unfortunate.

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. What is the truth?
You Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set You Free. What is the truth?

Of course mateial and bodily blessings are part of our religion. Ceflo Dollar can attest to that! He rides around in his own private jet, but does your friend have one? Why not? What does Ceflo know that your friend doesn’t?

Christianity can’t be like that. Christianity must offer the same thing to all, whatever you want to call that thing with your friend - a spiritual life, a better life based on following the 8 beatitudes, heaven, whatever. But whatever that “thing” is, it has to be avx to all. Money and health are not avx to all even though it is certainly possible to be healed and to become rich by following God - Ceflo sure did it!

Of course SALVATION is THE blessing as you state perfectly and with much knowledge of the bible. Material and health benefits CAN BE included (what is it - an insurance company??) but it is not the REAL reason Jesus died for us.

And yes, we are in the “positive thinking” era. Focusing on the positve for all things. It all sounds so good, doesn’t it. Wonder on what Jesus was focusing on the way to the cross.

Interesting point about the early martyerd christians, never thought of that.

It is frustrating. I feel like this more about atheists because they don’t even believe in God. So, I guess at some point you have to leave it to the Holy Spirit.

God bless

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