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Here is a site from a Baptist radio guy regarding the pope. Can someone help me explain the true meanings of the things he mentions? Thanks!


Right here on the Catholic Answers site is the “Library”. (Look up top, it’s next to “Home”.) There are several topics; just click on any of the topics and you’ll see whatever tracts address the topics, and you can look at whatever will interest you. I guarantee you that you can find all sorts of info on the Papacy, on the “significance” of “Babylon”, etc. etc.

Most of the anti-Catholic stuff comes from a book by Lorraine Boettner (a male despite the first name being “feminine” to my American way of thinking), and that book is pretty thoroughly debunked, but still a lot of anti-Catholics use it. (Saves them the time and effort to look up the REAL data, I suppose). Luckily the Catholic Answers people DID look up the real data and made it available to us.

Happy reading!


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