How to run a Business on Christian principles and not on Worldly principles


I run a Small business but I have no employees so the question is not so much related to treatment conditions and pay of employees,but more about Christian principles in things such as marketing etc…
What exactly would involve Christian principles in business and what would involve worldly ones?
I mean a lot of business can involve “ambiguous stuff” such as image,creating hype etc…

Obvious stuff such as lying :lying_face: is often condemned even by "worldly standards).



“Don’t give away what you’re trying to sell !”


Sell a good product at a fair price.
Stand behind your product.
Treat your customers with dignity and respect.
Be reliable and trustworthy.

I’m sure others can add to the list.


Always good to know or I might not be in business for long😄.


This is slightly different,but some non Catholic Christian Churches even believe in the use of marketing to market the Church itself and grow it.
Would this be a non Catholic way of doing marketing or Catholic way?


First of all - I salute you - doing your own thing ! Being your own boss ! (…sigh…)
Second - I get bombarded by letters from Catholic charities - blitzkrieg - all wanting cash !
So - some people obviously don’t draw the line with scruples -
Someone should write a book - with your title - it’d sell and be talked about - for sure.

Your in business to make money -
and I don’t mind helping out those type of ventures -
it’s a fine line -
but Jesus said the way is narrow - lol -


Catholics came up with that way before there were any Protestants on the horizon. We even gave it a name and made a major enterprise of it: propaganda. Catholic missionaries were basically marketing professionals, the most successful, in terms of scale, the world has ever seen. The RCC is practically always mentioned in freshman marketing classes as by far the most successful brand in the history of the world.

And yes, the Church is very much active with it’s public relations and brand building, both at the global and local levels. A good example of direct marketing is the “Catholics Come Home” campaign, or “Theology on Tap”.

Jesus himself specifically commanded each Christian to market the faith by being a light to the world, and not hiding that light under a basket.

So marketing is a very Catholic thing indeed, and no one has ever done it better than us. Hands down!


There are Principles of Catholic Social Teaching for Business Ethics that make for a day of reading. Be prepared to fall in love. The foundation of everything is dignity of the person. just an fyi


Thanks.Do you know where I can find them please?


We’re lucky in the 21st century, google is your friend…:wink:


I had a business where I was the only employee. I think you’ve been given all the advice you need. If there is a market for whatever you have, advertise it. That’s all I did. Just be polite and honest.

As far as image and marketing, just be straightforward.


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