How to say the Liturgy of the Hours


I just picked up a copy of Christian Prayer: The Liturgy of the Hours. The only problem is that I have no idea how to use it. Can someone explain this to me or is there a website that explains how it all goes together? Any help is greatly appreciated.


Take a look at the Ordinary in the book. It contains the rubrics for the celebration of the Divine Office, and is very instructional.

I hope this helps

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Thanks so much. I had read the brief instructions at the beginning of the book and assumed that’s all there was. How about the ribbons? Is there a certain place they go? Like a certain color for the Psalter? I’m probably overthinking a lot of this, so thanks for your patience.:o


I use the four-volume version, since I am required to recite the Office of Readings, so My ribbons are a bit different.

But I would recommend having one ribbon in the psalter, one in the ordinary (for the invitatory, canticles), one for the night prayer section, one for the proper of saints, and one for the commons.

As far as the colors go, there is no right or wrong way.

I hope this helps!

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It does help tremendously. Thank you so much!


I have heard that “Divine Office for Dodos” is a wonderful book to learn with ease how to pray The Divine Office.

You will find it



Hi MaryBernard , The Liturgy of the Hours is called aslo Daily office, Prayer of the Church, breviary, Daily Prayer, or Opus Dei (the work of God) . The Liturgy of the Hours is truly the official Prayer of the Church. Indeed, Priests and Deacons have a canonical obligation to celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours, as well as religious (i.e. monks, nuns, etc.).
Me personally I choose to pray Rosary , much easy to meditate over the work of God .
Anyway check this link with good teaching and learning how to pray the Liturgy of the Hours .
God bless and be with you ! God bless you all !


For me I learned best by doing it. I asked a deacon at my church to teach me and I would meet with him and a few of the priests before mass a couple days a week and say it with them. A few weeks later I was able to say it on my own with no problem. Priests and deacons have to say it so if you could find one that is willing to teach you that would be great! There is a guide that you can get with the christian prayer set of the 4 volume set that tells you which pages to go to for each prayer each day.


I’m sure this text gets mentioned from time to time: As able, I recite various hours of the Little Office of The Blessed Virgin Mary. Often only Matins and Lauds, and even those not every day. I’m a strong advocate of “as able” devotions! Half a loaf is better than none. :rolleyes:

Anyway, giving all respect to the 4 volume Liturgy, for me having a simpler and shorter Office fits my work and family life. Even my limited practice has deepened my devotion.

You can find the Little Office online. Old version, new version, read on the screen or buy a book. Just Google, or start at wikipedia.


this might
You’ll at least know what pages for which days.


Thank you all for your help. It has been very helpful.


It may be daunting at first, but you should get the hang of it in a month. Start slowly saying just the Evening prayer on weekends and progress patiently to incorporating the other canonical hours in your daily prayers.

For me, this tutorial was extremely helpful and I still come back to it in case of doubt (yes, I still have doubts even after 2 years).



I place one ribbon each in the Proper of Time, Ordinary, Psalter, Compline psalter, Proper of the Saints, and the Commons, respectively. How I assign which ribbon where depends on its actual physical location on the binding of the book, in relation to the parts of the breviary. So for example, I use the first ribbon for the Proper of Time because this is the first section of the breviary, etc.


In my case, since I have only five ribbons, I put some PostIt markers on the pages in the Ordinary. :thumbsup:



Here is an other site with all prayers and reading organized:

God bless


I’ve had the chance to stumble my way through the Morning Prayers a few times. It certainly sets the mood for the day for me. I also have the Little Office of the Blessed Virgin. I actually haven’t used it very much. I think I’ll use that one on mornings that I’m a little more rushed and don’t have time to say the whole office. Everybody’s suggestions were really helpful. Thanks everyone.:thumbsup:


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