How to set missal withthe colored markers

Can someone please share how to set the roman missal 1962 as it came with different color markers. =) Please be patient…I’m a post V2 kiddie trying to fill in gaps, and I never learned how to use a missal. Actually… I didn’t even know about it until a couple years ago and I finally bought one :slight_smile: I think I should have got black because the white leather is going to get dirty. Oh well, I liked the white. Thanks.

it does not matter
depending on how the ribbons are sewed or glued into the binding, choose the one closest to the page you are marking to avoid them getting too tangled and worn out

Puzzleannie is right, although maybe the question was less about the mechanics of how to use the ribbons, and more about where to keep them. You don’t need very many. Keep one in the Ordo Missae. Keep another on the current day in the Proprium de Tempore. Keep a third on the current day in the Proprium Sanctorum. That’s really about it.

If you have more ribbons and feel like doing something with them, you can keep one at the Asperges, one at the proper Preface if you know which it will be, one at the chants of the Ordinary if your missal has them and you are able to sing them at your church. Alternatively, if your missal contains additional prayers that you like to say before or after Mass, you can put one there. But you really only need three ribbons.

As to how to use it, it depends how you care to follow along with the Mass (hint: you do not even need a missal in the first place). Just follow along in the Ordo until you get to something that is proper to the Mass (Introit, Gradual, lesson, Gospel, etc.), then flip back to your ribbon in the Proprium de Tempore vel Sanctorum. Ideally, you would have looked at this all previously so that if it cross-refers you elsewhere you would already have a ribbon there.

If you store the missal when not in use in a bookshelf the convention is to put it upside down to save on wear and tear of the ribbons.

To preserve the ends of the ribbons so they don’t fray, put some fray stoppa on, or a little bit of clear nail polish ( it will mark the ends a little) or fold in half each ribbon lengthwise as able and snip with sharp scissors from the outer edge to the middle to achieve a chevron which slows fray.

A good quality missal will serve you all your life with care.:thumbsup:

I believe the colors are personal preference.

One ribbon for the proper of season, one for the Ordinarium of the Mass, one for the proper of saints (by the date of the year) , one for the common of saints (indicated in the proper of saints) , and one for the votive masses.

exactly, it’s personal preference, no rules

I moved my ribbons quite a few times before I settles on my current practice:
Proper of Seasons, Common of Saints, Proper of Saints, Votive Masses, “Various Devotions”, and the supplement for the USA.

I actually added tabs to my Missal for prayers before/after Confession, before/after Communion, Vespers, the Ordinary of Mass and the Kyriale. I did this on someone’s advice because those parts never change … a tab is easier … and ribbons only make sense when you are going to move the ribbon regularly! I never thought about it before, but that’s how altar missals work – ribbons for propers and commons, but tabs for the parts of the Canon! (There are tabs for other reasons too – so the priest can easily turn pages while he has to keep his thumb and forefinger together).

Har har har you backward hicks with your “books” and your “ribbons” … I have my '62 on my Kindle 3G. :stuck_out_tongue:

I presume then that you’ve programmed it so you don’t have to flip back and forth on those days where several collects, secrets, and postcommunion prayers are said? Cool, I want one too. :slight_smile:

If only these were available in 1962, we’d probably have no reason to dumb down the Mass. :slight_smile: Just kidding.

Ya gotta watch out for the missal police; they are everywhere! :smiley:

Seriuosly, the advise given here has been outstanding. May God Bless you as you learn the EF Mass.

I always set up my Missal, using the ribbons, before I go to Mass.

I’ve never actually seen a Kindle; are they quiet to use, did you download the Missal from a free site, if not what did it cost, and do they seem to be a distraction to those around you. It sounds like a pretty good alternative to flipping pages and probably less bulky than my BP Missal.

They are basically silent; I don’t know about distractions to others. A PDF facsimile is available at

How did you put it on your Kindle? Did you keep it in PDF format or convert? Is it easy to read?

I had never thought to do this (I was unaware of the PDF you linked to). You may have just saved me $60!

True but you don’t have to overnight charge the book and its ribbons. :wink:

Get a Kindle and figure it out yourself! What is this, Tech Support? LOL

That’ll be sixty bucks, by the way.

I taped the ribbons to the back of mine so people would know it’s an e-missal and not a sudoku game.

I would have given you 60 bucks, but you didn’t answer my questions! No tech support, no 60 bucks!


I have found the ribbons are not enough. I think the** tab **idea is neato but I have a lot of holy cards now so they fill the bill quite nicely,

You will find you will personalise the Missal in next to no time, and honestly I do not think I have ever handled someone elses Missal as they are precious…so keep it safe and near you:thumbsup:

:smiley: That was amusing Apollos!

I usually only use 3 ribbons. One for the “Mass” part, one for the “Readings” and one in the devotions sections for prayers before and after communion. Sorry I don’t know the correct terms for those sections like some of the other posters seem to, I’m fairly new at it myself having only started using one around Easter. I’ve only recently had to use another ribbon when the “readings” included a section that said the Gospel or other part was found on another page. But my missal is set up well I think. My boyfriend has to use 4 ribbons all the time as one of the sections in his missal is in a different place than mine.

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