How to shoo a wolf disguised like sheep?

My sister gave me for my birthday a book that she thought was about apologetics because she knows I love that topic. She bought it through internet.

It’s title made her think the author was all about defending and explaining the Catholic faith. She read on the back cover that he has written many books and even received some awards by famous Catholic institutions.

Turned out the book is written by a married ex priest :ehh: who thinks there should be married and women priests :ouch:the Eucharist is a symbol :eek: and admits he does not go to Mass anymore! :bigyikes:

It is misleading, superficial, and could be considered just plain silly if it wasn’t for the fact that it may gravely mislead many people! :blush:

What can be done about it? :shrug:

I did not want to mention here its title or the author’s name, lest somebody might be moved to read it, but I am very worried and would like to know if there is anything I could do to prevent others from reading that book.:knight2:

Any advice will be appreciated!


I see you live in Mexico, and I am unsure of the situation there. However, in the US we have many online booksellers (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Books a Million etc) which allow individuals to post online reviews of the book. Perhaps you could post a review of the book on such a site?

Actually I’d like to read it. I am in the mood for a few laughs.

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