How to show DH that using "ABC" is not Catholic?


How can I explain to DH that if a Catholic uses ABC, this person is not considered Catholic by the CC? I tried looking for texts on the CCC but had no luck. (I heard this from a Cardinal’s mouth on tv when that deal with the legalized abortion was going on in Mexico City).

He got a call from his parents yesterday and they were asking him when we were going to have children, and when DH said we couldn’t have any at this moment for various reasons, they asked if I was contracepting. Both his parents are Catholic, DH is a JW. He was telling me his mother used ABC and that his sister had a tubal done (for no reason other than to contracept).

He said that because the Church says you’re not Catholic, and you believe you’re a Catholic, you necessarily don’t disqualify as being a Catholic. Am I making any sense? How can one person go against CC authority and still call themselves Catholic?

I tried explaing to him in a JW example, but I had no luck. All he said to me that the more I know about Catholicism, I criticize more. :mad: I don’t criticize, I was just telling him that contracepting is 100% against the CC (I did find 2 paragraphs on contraception on the CCC, but it wasn’t enough proof).


Your information is wrong. A Catholic who contracepts is a disobedient Catholic. A Catholic who disagrees with the teaching but holds to it, or is in a situation where it is not relevant, is in perfectly good standing but is going against the emerging consensus of informed conscience. Eventually the ban on contraception will probably be declared dogma, but not I think in exactly the present form. Until then, you don’t have to agree, but you do have to obey.


So, you’re telling me the Cardinal was wrong?

Let’s put it this way then: Where can I find texts that say the CC doesn’t accept contraception and why?


The official document is Humanae Vitae. It is probably not the place to go, but it is the definitive statement of the Catholic position.

There ought to be some equivalent of the Catholic Truth Society in your country. Almost every British Church has a collection of their pamphlets at the back, and there is always at least one on sexual ethics.


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