How to show the difference between the god Moses and Jesus, the True God?


always in a debate with Muslims, I was asked why don#t we divinize Moses too, since he was made god before Pharaoh. Moses repeated the Words of God, so did Jesus.

So, I tried to show that Moses prophecized what God told him, where Jesus spoke directly.
Moses made rules after God’s commands, Jesus commands and perfects the rules himself.

Which passages of the Bible would you take to show the difference between Moses and Jesus (apart from the resurrection, because it won’t work with Muslims :D)

Thank you :slight_smile:


It is a fruitless task you are engaged in. Most Muslims on these debate froums will not admit when they are wrong and when you are right. So it is useless.

All you can do is lead by example and leave them in God’s hands.



I’m reading a Jewish commentary on the Torah right now, and it repeatedly makes the points that the leaders of Israel up to and including Moses were fallible men. The Hebrew Bible – Old testament – makes sure that we know that.

So, first of all, to a Muslim or any unbeliever, WE don’t make people gods, period. So, that is the essential answer to your question. Second, the message of the Hebrew Bible is that there is only one God, so there can’t be more than one god. Third, although we attribute to God the ideal of perfection, such cannot be said of Moses.

He killed an Egyptian because of his own anger. Now, I’m only finishing up this particular study of the Torah. I haven’t gotten to the OTHER description of when Moses draws water from the rock, when the people are complaining about thirst – but it must be the second account of that incident where Moses is told to strike the rock once, but he strikes it twice, for some reason.

For that reason and that reason alone, as I understand it, God did not permit Moses to enter the Promised Land. Now, there is some contention about what angered God and caused him to deny entrance to the Promised Land, so this answer is not clear cut. It’s not clear cut for reasons of the Hebrew and its translations. But, I think it has to do MORE with what Moses said at that time, attributing the production of water to Aaron and himself, instead of giving the glory for this sign to God – because God is the savior.

Then, again, Moses, like all the Hebrew prophets, did not feel adequate to the task of being a prophet. In Ex 3:11, Moses says “…who am I (?)” He was arguing with God about his inadequacies such as public speaking to Pharaoh.

A more subtle indication of not deifying Moses has to do with his death, again back in Deut 34. He dies outside the promised land, away from his people. And, Dt 34:6 says that no one knows where Moses was buried. The likely explanation for that bears directly on your Muslim question – that Moses was buried in an unknown location, so that no cult would develop to worship him.

I hope this helps


I forgot to mention the assumption embedded in the question, that Christiians “made” Jesus a god.

Muslims beliefs are influenced by the Arian heresy in the time of their Prophet, Mohammed. That heresy said that Jesus was just a man. So, a Muslim is trying to make you answer a question on his initial premises, which, with respect, are not in accord with Catholic belief and sacred tradition and the Bible itself.

so, your Muslim friend is begging the question, to some extent.


The answers above are very good, God told Moses to strike the Rock once, but he did not see the water immediately and in temper he struck it again, God was annoyed because he did not Obey or trust in God when He said " Once".

Moses had a stutter( just like Mohammed,) which is an historical fact, in the case of Moses his brother Aaron generally spoke for him on account of this stutter.

I don’t get where Moslems tie themselves into Abraham, they were not around until 634 AD
nor do they believe in the 10 Commandments of Moses, they were founded in 634 by a guy called Mohammed and has no relevance back to the Old Testament or the Prophets of Old.


I read somewhere that Muslim’s claim to be descendants of Ishmael, where as Jews and Christians are descendants of Isaac. That is how they tie themselves to Abraham. I could be wrong though.



Sure, but I still have to prove that I am right. If they don’t believe, at least they get an answer, and that is fair from me. I can’t control their thinking :smiley:


That is true.


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