How to start an apologetic workshop in my diocese


I’m wondering if anyone has any info on how to start an apologetics class. Syllabus, class structure, how to ask the diocese for help etc etc


I don’t. But I have often wondered the same thing. We need one! So I’m looking forward to any answers you might get.

There are a lot of great books you could use. Maybe you could do it like a book study at first and see how it evolves. I’ve always wanted to offer a time for people in our parish to come and present whatever point of contention they face with someone about their faith and get help responding to it.

There used to be more debate-type clubs for defending the faith for high school kids. I wish I knew what that looked like. I think that would be a very informative and also engaging way to approach it. It would give them concrete practice with it, even if it were kept to informal practice conversations/mock-debates within the group.

I don’t know how it would look starting out, though. It would have to be flexible and evolve to meet the needs of the people who show up, I guess. It might take time to gain momentum. After that you could be more structured. At first it might just be you and a couple of hesitant participants.

Don’t get discouraged, though! The Holy Spirit will work through you! It will be amazing!


In the larger Dioceses there will be varying groups already doing this. The catechists form a group similar to this, in that they try to learn and have schedules and responsibilities.


To tell you the truth I think this may be one of the most important things to do these days:“start an apologetics group/class” in your parish.

But it will certainly be difficult, it’s a wast subject, there will be many different views, any topic chosen is likely to interest some a lot and others little, the main part is your together, most will have next to no experience in such debates, the ones actively studying will be the most interested, you should ask them with what they would like to start…And of course: without some help from a priest lending guidance, company and authority folks will have a hard time setting out on it. Get a priest to sponsor and champion your project, he will easily provide the contents and program, and probably invite some layman to get you started.


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