How to start loving God?


I feel that all these years I have been fooling myself that I love God. I think it was just an emotional feeling. Whenever I wanted to indulge in sexual sin, I didn’t stop myself, but I went to confession afterwards to get rid of the guilt. I must have gone to dozens of confessions by now, but there has been no improvement in me as far as the sexual sin (pornography and masturbation) is concerned. I feel that if I had really loved God, I would have not committed such terrible sins so many times. I feel that I am using God as a tool to free me from my guilt, as a tool to go to heaven, but I don’t feel I really love God. So how do I start loving him?


A priest once told me that “he masturbated as much as anybody else”. I masturbate frequently and watch porn but feel no guilt about it.

A man is supposed to have a high sexual drive. You are normal. Men who suppress it usually start getting into sexual deviances like child molestation like the Catholic priests that were involved in that scandal a few year ago.

To love yourself is to love God-- you were created in HIS image… God masturbates too. I know-- I’ve seen him.

  1. Love yourself.
  2. Love your neighbour.

In the example you give, loving your neighbour could mean coming to terms with your brothers and sisters in porn and how what they do affects and damages them. have a look at this site and see if it helps

Loving God means fostering a real love of your brothers and sisters. Real love involves a responsibility. What do you do for your brothers and sisters? When was the last time you visited someone who was sick, old or infirm? Sometimes, just seeing the joy in someone’s eyes at your altruistic attempt at human kindness can be enough to show you how we can see God’s love in a tangible sense as it moves between us.

The love of God is the only thing that matters ultimately in life, that and the love of human beings which flows from it and back to it.

That is the reason of life, the end of life, it is what man is for.

However any of us may live by that standard that is the truth and those who have even intermittent understanding of that are fortunate indeed.


David, frankly that’s nonsense. People abuse because they were abused, not because of any repressed sexual angst. How could repressing a heterosexual predisposition cause you to abuse a child? Non sequitor!

Further, porn is terribly damaging especially to those who suffer in the industry. It is natural to feel sexual desire, but we have free will to choose the right way to express our sexuality. Pornography objectivises women, reducing them to mere objects for sexual pleasure and removing the essence of a person from your mind. Sex is awesome, but holds incredible power-- the power of the creator, of new life. We have to integrate that understanding of what our sexuality actually is in order to have better relationships with each other.


Have you ever heard that old song “To know, know, know him, is to love, love, love him”?


The priest himself is in trouble.

I am sorry but this is non-sense and a lie. Do not blind yourself by insulting God this way. What you saw is not Him but the Devil himself. You should pray that you won’t yield yourself into masterbation and pornography.


Though it’s after Lent, I think you should think long and hard about Christ’s final days. That is what always renews my love of God and devotion to Him. Do you pray? If not, start. If so, start praying more. You can ask God to help you to love Him more and follow Him more faithfully. God always answers those prayers!

I also struggle with chastity, though I’ve improved a lot lately. You won’t get over this terrible habit unless you love God with all of your heart, soul, and strength, though. Every time you think that you may fall to sin, think about everything God has given you and ask yourself why you would choose to offend Our Lord, who is all good and innocence, for a few minutes of bodily pleasure. Second, you need to learn about what chastity is and why it is taught. You have to internalize an understanding of Catholic chastity. You can read a lot about this online, but make sure you focus on Catholic websites. In terms of practical advice, stay busy, play sports, try not to spend much time alone, upload a porn blocker on your computer and lose the password, erase any files you have already, avoid sexually explicit or suggestive material, and pray frequently. When you feel tempted, get busy with something else, like doing the dishes, preferably around people. Empty your bladder. It sounds strange, but a full bladder increases sexual urges. If it’s at night, turn the lights on for a second. Pray three Hail Marys every time you feel tempted. If you do masturbate or look at porn, go straight to Confession with a priest who takes these sins seriously.



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