How to start trying to evangelize a mormon friend of mine?

I’ve known her as my pen pal since I was 8 and she was 10. We sent letters back and forth for years, but now we use facebook instead. I’m 16, she’s 17-18. I learned the basic things that mormons believe in my religion class. My teacher (she’s a protestant Christian) advised that, when trying to evangelize mormons, we ask questions rather than preach, because they are taught to be very defensive of their faith. So that’s what I’ve been doing so far. I’ve asked questions and said that what they believe doesn’t really make sense to me (it doesn’t, as many of their beliefs are illogical) and asked her to explain and elaborate, in an effort to get her to realize that these beliefs are illogical.
So far, she has been very willing to answer any questions I have and elaborate if I ask.

Here’s what we said so far via facebook chat:

Me: “…do you mind if I ask you a question about mormonism? I learned
about it in school a little bit and I wanted to ask you about some of the
stuff I learned.”

Her: “Yes, go ahead.”

Me: “Thanks! OK, so I was wondering, do Mormons believe in an infinite number
of gods, all of whom were once human and attained godhood through good
works? If so, why do you believe this?”

Her: “Because I believe that you shouldn’t be able to stop growing … You know? Like we’re always able to progress.”

Me: “Thanks! That sort of explains why you would believe that humans can attain godhood, although I think that makes your understanding of godhood quite different from mine. But why do you believe in an infinite number of gods
with no beginning of the line? I mean, doesn’t there have to be some
beginning? Someone who created the others? Why do you believe that there
is even more than one God, period? That doesn’t really make sense to me.
Would you mind elaborating?”

Her: “We believe that there is no beginning or end… Because God is endless. It honestly goes over y head too, but basically we believe that God has a Father too, and so does He, and so does He… And it just keeps going back and it’ll keep going forward.”

Me: “Well that sounds more like you believe in an endless line of gods, not in a god who is endless. Can you explain further?”

Her: “We believe that God is endless and if we so what He says, we can be endless too. And we do also believe in an endless line of Gods.”

She seems to be dodging the “why do you believe this?” questions.

What should I say next? Is using the question technique a good idea? If not, why other technique should I use? Can you point out any mistakes I made?

Seems more like she doesn’t know what she believes…

It is interesting that even a teenage Mormon understands that Mormonism is polytheistic.

I would ask her, then who does she believe started the whole thing? It’s impossible for there to be an infinite line of finite beings, who have no power to give themselves existence. That’d be like coming up to a train crossing, and seeing a train going by, and saying, there’s an infinite amount of cars all pulling each other.
Obviously that’s absurd because none of those cars has the ability to move themselves. If there was just an infinite amount of cars, then they wouldn’t be moving at all! There has to be an engine, separate from the cars, that moves itself and pulls all the other cars with it.

Same thing with the universe. There has to be of necessity an Uncaused Cause, who Himself didnt receive existence from anyone or thing, but gives existence to everything. Otherwise you can’t really explain the existence of the universe at all.

Point out as well, that in trying to remove limits for God, they’ve actually introduced a huge one into him. In that he’s now not the Source of all existence, but rather, just another recipient, another creature, who just happens to be a little further down the line of progression than us. Why should we worship another creature? But that’s essentially what Mormonism makes God into.

You’re entering conversations with disengenuous objectives. This is your friend and they deserve better (even though you obviously mean well). How would they feel if they knew you were trying to use “techniques” on them? As a Catholic who has had many protestant friends over the years, I can tell you it strains the friendship if you show little respect for your friends faith.

Evangelisation is sharing our faith. It does not begin with tearing another’s faith down. Learn your own faith better (we can all learn it better) and share it with your friend, especially in the way you live your faith. Actions are more powerful than words. Don’t try to lure them into arguments and clever logical traps. Rather, if you show genuine interest in their faith, they may not feel so defensive and may be more open to hearing about yours.

Thanks! All great points! I quoted most of what you said, and added a little to it and pasted it into my message. I hope that’s alright. :slight_smile:

They’re not my own arguments, just ones I’ve sort of absorbed over the years from reading so many theology books, so it’s all good. :wink:

Yourself … you need to know John 6: 20-70 absolutely well … and know all the discussion points … they are central …

And then ask your friend questions about her understanding of John 6.

And pray to the Holy Spirit to put the words on your tongue.

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