How to stay cool in your vestments

Thanks Emerald… that might be something to think about.

I was actually quite excited last night as I recalled that in my 1st year in formation, the widow of one of the deacons who we (my wife and I) were very good friends with, had given me a number of his old vestments (two albs, some stoles, and a dalmatic). He, the deceased deacon, was about my height (more trim though) so these things will all work well. There was a beautiful (older though) alb from Slabbinck that was 65% poly 35% cotton I believe, that will work well I think. It did not feel as heavy as the one I have.

It has the buttons to close it up, and those may need to be adjusted a little as the chest and wound the shoulders feels a little tight. I’m thinking a good tailor might be able to take the buttons and make them just decorative and make it so that it closes with velcro. This might allow it to not be as restrictive in the shoulders. Or, possible it just needs some adjusting in other ways.

Anyhow, this made me happy as I had forgotten about these, and now I don’t have to invest, hopefully, in new vestments right away. I don’t know much about tailoring and all, but hopefully this can be done. I’d love to be able to wear his alb and he was one of the first deacons that I had known, and was very instrumental when my wife and I first got married and involved in the Church. I also know it would mean the world to his wife to see her husbands vestments being worn again.

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since we’ve gone this far in this direction . . . the tendency (but not universal) for Eastern Catholic deacons is that they are expected to be in clerical attire for anything church-related–including Knights of Columbus meetings . . .

[and when I brought my priest to the 4th Degree exemplification a few years ago, some yahoo tried to insist he was a deacon, not a priest[1], because of his grey cassock! :roll_eyes: :scream: {and to make it worse, it was being held at the other byzantine parish in town!}]

[priests observe, rather than participate, in degrees, as we’re not going to presume to instruct them. I’m part of the group trying to pull the rest of the KofC into the 20th century and understand that the Diaconate has bee restored and are full-fledged clergy . . . at the moment, we have enacted a resolution in Nevada authorizing deacons as chaplains, defying Supreme . . .]

Unrelated industry but my mother sells work clothing…call and ask the manufacturer or seller as they have had this question before and will know which items to recommend. They can probably send you a fabric swatch.

Yes, tropical wool is light, breathable and resists wrinkles. Polyester is like wearing plastic…terrible though a poly cotton blend would be ok if mostly cotton. Linen will wrinkle and look terrible.

I have an autoimmune disease and cannot handle heat…I get quite ill. I was overweight and did find taking off some weight helped me, if that is a concern for you…hope that isn’t rude insight, as it helped me tremendously to just drop 20 lbs.

@Kindnessmatters, thanks Kindness… I have called and sent away for some fabric samples. I have not done so with the tropical wool though. Also, thank you about the linen. If the alb was covered up with a dalmatic though, I wouldn’t think that would be an issue with wrinkles though. The alb I was looking at though was about $200 more than their normal alb. Seems a bit steep if you ask me.

No offense with the weight. I, like many could use to lose a few pounds. My daughter just tells me that I am going through Man-o-pause, and that is why I get so warm at times. She may be on to something.

This is what came to mind when you said “stay cool”.


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When I was investigating the Diaconate (turns out I am too old to start formation under the current rules of the Diocese) I looked at the relevant instructions, and our Bishop has forbidden the Roman collar to Permanent Deacons. I don’t get it, but I just have to remember that I am not the Bishop, he is.

Personally, it doesn’t matter to me. But our Bishop stressed that deacons SHOULD wear the roman collar when they are bringing the Church to people, but not at any other time. Hence why deacons are allowed and encouraged to wear it when they visit jails, funeral homes, hospitals, nursing homes, home sick calls, etc. Some did not agree with his decision, but that’s way beyond my pay grade. I will just obey what I am told now and once/if I am ordained.

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