How to Stay out of Mortal Sin?


I just can’t seem to stay out of mortal sin. Any ideas? Should I go live alone in the middle of nowhere so there are no temptations? I go to confession, and then a few day later I am in mortal sin again! What should I do?


Talk to your priest. Spend time in adoration. Attend daily mass.


How often do you pray?


Saint Alphonsus Liguori says that those who persevere in mental prayer won’t fall into mortal sin, so maybe it is something you might want to look up. Adoration is good for when you are in mortal sin or in state of grace.


Go for Confession again.

Every time you go for Confession, take longer time to reflect on why you committed the sin and make a firmer resolution that you will not commit it again. When you do it often enough, perhaps you will notice a pattern on how it happened, and then try to break that pattern or cycle. You have to break the cycle how the sin is committed.

Pray to God to help you and hopefully in time you will be able to overcome the sin or at least reduce its occurrences.

God bless.


I will look into it.


Daily Mass was already stated. But, if you genuinely want to avoid mortal sin, simply pray the Holy Rosary daily and devoutly.


Well maybe you need a therapist intervention if its an addiction of some sort.


When you are tempted, pray.

Also, if you are tempted to anger, pray for those you get angry with, and offer up whatever makes you angry. (I use this: All for Thee, dear Jesus, Who hast suffered so much for me!)

This is in addition to above advice!


Not as much as I should… I will try harder.


Thanks, this is a good idea. However, most my sins are of thought, and often happen so quickly that I don’t really think of anything else before sinning.


Try saying a Hail Mary for the grace to keep from Mortal sin every morning and night.
Get into the habit of saying a Hail Mary at the beginning of each hour of the day, that way you’ll be constantly reminded to be good.


If the thoughts are entering your mind without your willing them and as soon as you notice them you are turning away from them, then you are only being tempted, not sinning. The world, the flesh (including your mind), and the devil all try to tempt you by floating temptations your way. It’s not a sin until you say, cool, let me think about this for a while.


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