How to steal many Millions


It’s enough just to become member of British Council. Those smart guys found new way of making easy money by co-operating with different museums. Those shady affairs they do with masterpieces kept in museum store-rooms can be considered just as theft. Just last year in September there was grand scandal in Russia in Hermitage and Tretyakovskaya gallery. That time it came to light that some paintings in store-rooms of those famous museums had been substituted for fakes through mediation of BC. And originals are already in foreign private collections. I can imagine how much money BC gained owing those deals. And no wonder that BC gave hostile reception to attempts of Russian authority to conduct revision of its financial incomings. Instead of that BC officials made request about diplomatic status for this organization. Then they’ll gain wide powers in Russian cultural life. I can imagine how would they expand their activity in case of obtaining satisfaction of their request.
In other countries BC acts in the same way. But there they more careful than in Russia where there is no order in their museums.



Can you tell me whether these scandals were reported in the press and where details could be found?



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