How to stop lost souls by living life


You never know what might save a soul. The just way to respond to this is to live every moment to the fullest. Any souls lost will not be your fault then. We can see the way to bring the good news to anyone. No work and no game, not even skipping one more word in each sentence I wrote, will do better.


… which is accomplished by following God’s commandments.


What does this mean? We are not allowed to work or play games?? Your comments are unclear.


I really liked your first two sentences.

But would you mind elaborating on the rest? I’m not sure I understand you correctly


Nice try with the hidden message, sir, but I’m afraid it’s you who just lost the game. Flagged.


What? …


We have someone who pops up in here every couple of days and posts sometimes very offensive topics. He’s gotten more subtle. But one of his calling cards is that dumb thing we used to do in high school where “if you think about the game, you’ve lost the game,” so he hides that in his posts. Go read his OP, but read the first word of the first sentence, the second word of the second sentence, and so on. It was a valiant effort, but I spotted it immediately.


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