How to stop the collapse of Mother Church?


Everyone, I read the article below and I was overcome and overwhelmed with angst.

Mother Church is being slapped, demoralized, and attacked by all these secular news sources and allegations and I can barely even stand it.

I almost fell to my knees right in public, when reading this article, and prayed a decade or two of my pocket rosary!

How can I stop the collapse of Mother Church and force people to realize that She is perfect and deserves everyone’s membership, without seeming like I’m brushing those filthy rapists that traverse the halls of Her churchs and monasteries under the rug??


That site gives useful tech and economical analysis, mainly tech business analysis. I wouldn’t grant them any other credibility on their deep analysis. Seriously, it’s a case of “so you say”. I don’t mean to say the Church does not face a crisis (faced many others during history) but the panicky air of the article is nothing but hysteria needed to sell news to people. On another article they say Germany is facing recession and can bring everyone’s economy down. We’ll see.
It’s great you took the time to pray and you love the Church but don’t fret so much. The Church may decline in members but this doesn’t mean she’s fallen. :hugs: These people who hold this site are engineer minded and good at it, for them a decline in membership equals a disaster. In faith crisis are a necessary step to pass through because the soul is immortal and our destination is Heaven.


As always, the church will be revived, revitalized, by its members. This is the time for saints. You and I need to step up. Don’t pay attention to the media reports.
We sometimes forget that the church are the faithful. We were called to be disciples, followers of Christ.


Decline and collapse are not the same thing. I’m going to just keep suggesting this book hoping people will read it. It analyzes other periods in history when the church experienced trouble or corruption and offers hope.
The Bad Shepherds: The Dark Years in Which the Faithful Thrived While Bishops Did the Devil’s Work


From the book.


Unfortunately in these days we see laity does not inspire…liberals dissent from the teachings of Jesus…the notion that women can be priests, going against Jesus’ teaching on marriage and family, even support for abortion and infanticide.


If you have the means, please read this book. It does not suggest the laity were all perfect, just that the faithful carried the light through the darkness and God raises up the saints to renew His church. Historical forces brew to develop each kind of corruption or heresy. We are dealing with our own historical forces.


Stop reading these things.

Realize that the gates of hell will NEVER prevail, that Christ has overcome the world.

The Church is made up of sinners, just like me. There were two perfect people, we crucified one and the other was his mom.

I recommend Chamberlin’s book “The Bad Popes” to give a historic look at how the Church has never collapsed and never will.


Besides the book recommendation, I would go and listen (or read the transcript) to the interview that Raymond Arroyo did with then Card. Ratzinger (now Benedict XVI) on his show “The World Over”.


The war has already ended. Evil has lost. We are fighting battles and scrimmages but never forget the war has already been won. Matthew 16:18 is all we need to know when it comes to evil inside the Church


Lex orandi, lex credendi, lex vivendi.

The decline in reverence in celebrating the sacred liturgy, beginning in the mid-twentieth century, as well as the watering-down of doctrine which immediately followed in seminaries in the 1960s (as Abp. Vigano has testified), have led naturally to today’s moral crisis in the Church. It is no surprise that people—including members of the hierarchy—are behaving immorally if there is no solid liturgical and doctrinal basis to their formation. If there’s any way to resolve today’s crisis, we need to look back several decades and see what the Church has lost since then. It’s not enough to tackle the issue on its surface, since underlying factors need to be rooted out as well.


Pray and go to Mass every day.


there are ALWAYS been bad laity. The only difference is that we have secularism and atheism on the rise.

However, what we do have happening is that faithful laity are starting to step up. Orthodox seminaries, like St. Charles Borromeo in suburban Philadelphia have more seminaries than ever.

When the clergy go bad, the faithful step up. Yes, unfortunately a lot will be lost in the process :frowning:
But the Church will be cleansed.

God Bless.


Transparency is the best way to help the Church.
First we need to pray, then we need to do all we can to make the Church better. :pray::pray::pray:


All we can do is what God is calling us personally to do, it is not our job to worry about the whole universal church. Our mission is to strive to become holy and a saint and to bring the souls around us to God. The parish I attend has successfully communicated that to the congregation and it is an amazing parish on fire with the Holy Spirit. Never lose hope and instead continue to trust in God and his mercy.


A couple years ago my parish celebrated 100 years. I was helping pull together church archival information for some special write-ups we did about the centenary. Although I’ve lived through this period, it struck me very forcefully when I came across parish picture books from the late 1950s-through the early 1980s what a huge decline there had been. These books were full of pictures of big families, husband, wife, children, all of whom lived within a radius of the church and attended and supported the church. It was just eye catching to see so many families I think–with lots of kids! The demographics for this particular church have radically changed and the church will probably not make it. I myself have moved to a different church.
Anyway, I want to say that this decline has happened in my lifetime and, for those too young to see it, it is indeed huge. Mine was once a very Catholic town, but that is now gone. But the only thing I can do personally is work on myself, getting closer to Christ every day, and realize that He was never about numbers. If the Church is shrinking in my part of the world, it may well be growing elsewhere. Moreover, I take comfort in such stories as Guadalupe where, through a single heavenly event to a peasant man, God through Our Lady effected a huge mass conversion over a very short period of time. It can happen again if God so wills.


The Church will only get stronger.

When the AntiChrist attacks the Church, he does so corporally, psychologically, and politically.

Armor is best tested on the battlefield; not in the Officer’s Club.

Btw… I have been an unofficial student of Fr. Rutler in New York. Thanks to him for this knowledge for whom I have a true fraternal love; thanks be to God.



Priests guilty of sexual crimes
Anyone involved in covering up said crimes
People who vote for abortion

Preach more strongly about the tough issues (abortion, contraception, divorce and remarriage, homosexual behavior). Those it loses are a cancer to the Church anyway and as far as I’m concerned good riddance to them.

We’ll be left with a smaller but I think much stronger Church.


Yes, all we can do is take care of our little plot. Keep focused on that. The demographics are only going to get worse, I believe.


The Church can also take lessons in terms of making Mass more interesting for the young and helping build communities.

Really only the last can potentially be done by the laity.

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