How to talk to a jehovas witness


Hi this is frank,

              I am 33 and a catholic again ! I am not really going into my history but here is my question(s) .  My girlfriends father is a Jehova witness ( I believe he used to be catholic years ago ) , FYI my girlfriend is not jehovas witness.  I personally believe ( as John Paul said , to have open communication with all religions) THough I have a problem with Jehovas witnesses !  They seem to twist sacred scripture around. All this stuff on the 144,000 chosen ones ,how Jehovas are the only ones going to heaven , How the cross is **** because Jesus was crucified on a tree of some sorts , How Christ is actually michael the arch angel . I mean there is so many.  My girlfriends sister was episcopal now she is Jehovas witness , Some one asked her something and her response was " because I want to go to heaven like the Jehovas witnesses" IS there some brain washing they do ? Dont they have their own bible ? Does it not say in the bible that if you change the scriptures it is trouble.

              I have a decent knowledge on scripture and tradition and history. Though Jehovas witnesses (my girlfriends dad) Loves to debate and discuss , wich is fine because I love debate as well. Though it seems he is always trying to sway me to their religion , Even when I swayed from religion as a whole I WOULD NEVER BE A JEHOVAS WITNESS , to me it is m ore of a cult.

              IS there anything anyone can help me with so I can make him or help him see the light , When he rides me about this michael is jesus thing and the 144,000 thing and how only the "chosen" can recieve communion......ANYTHING WOULD BE HELPFUL!

Thankyou , I will pray for you all on the holiest of days

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