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Hi this is frank,

              I am 33 and a catholic again ! I am not really going into my history but here is my question(s) .  My girlfriends father is a Jehova witness ( I believe he used to be catholic years ago ) , FYI my girlfriend is not jehovas witness.  I personally believe ( as John Paul said , to have open communication with all religions) THough I have a problem with Jehovas witnesses !  They seem to twist sacred scripture around. All this stuff on the 144,000 chosen ones ,how Jehovas are the only ones going to heaven , How the cross is wrong because Jesus was crucified on a tree of some sorts , How Christ is actually michael the arch angel . I mean there is so many.  My girlfriends sister was episcopal now she is Jehovas witness , Some one asked her something and her response was " because I want to go to heaven like the Jehovas witnesses" IS there some brain washing they do ? Dont they have their own bible ? Does it not say in the bible that if you change the scriptures it is trouble.

              I have a decent knowledge on scripture and tradition and history. Though Jehovas witnesses (my girlfriends dad) Loves to debate and discuss , wich is fine because I love debate as well. Though it seems he is always trying to sway me to their religion , Even when I swayed from religion as a whole I WOULD NEVER BE A JEHOVAS WITNESS , to me it is m ore of a cult.

              IS there anything anyone can help me with so I can make him or help him see the light , When he rides me about this michael is jesus thing and the 144,000 thing and how only the "chosen" can recieve communion......ANYTHING WOULD BE HELPFUL!

Thankyou , I will pray for you all on the holiest of days


The best thing you can do is pray for him, and study you own doctrines. You are right in saying the JW’s are a cult, they do use subtle coercion to keep the flock together. That your girlfriend has not been swept away in all this is a blessing…study the bible together with her and until you’re quite sure of yourself don’t try to become involved in discussions with her father on the JW’s…these folks know their proof texts well and even go to classes to learn how to debate (It’s called theocratic ministry school…they do it once a week).

That the girlfriend’s sister stated she wanted to “go to heaven like the Jehovah’s Witnesses” is amazing, either she is ignorant of their doctrine, or you didn’t correctly understand her…JW’s teach only 144,000 go to heaven, the rest of them will life in a paradise on earth…

There are several good books and internet sites that can help you counter various JW doctrines and proof texts…The Michael The ArchAngel thing is defeated in Hebrews where the rhetorical question is asked "To which of the angels did God ever say 'you are my son, this day I have begotten you"
The 144,000 is defeated in the same chapter of revelations where it talks about the GREAT CROWD also being in front of the throne of God (Heaven)…but again, until you’re well versed in JW theology and it’s flaws and on Catholic doctrine as it relates to the bible you’ll feel lik you come out on the losing end of these debates…like I said, these guys have a whole school for nothing but this type of thing…and 5 hours a week worth of indoctrination if they go to all the meetings…

I’ve gotten three people out of the JW’s, but it’s a lot of work and quite slow…feel free to contact me privately.


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Jeff S.


I heard you on The Journey Home. It was a good show.



More than anything I recommend to witness in love. This isn’t about him being wrong and you being right. It is about eternity. Learn your own Faith backwards and forward. Make sure your understanding of all things Catholic contains no contradictions.

About that love thing. Love him, LOVE him, LOVE HIM! You may not like him sometimes, but the only conversions come from that good old fashioned work, known as love. Only the Holy Spirit can convert him. You must love him.

God bless you in a difficult situation.

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