How to talk to your sons about Robin Thicke... the "other side" of Miley Cyrus

There have been a number of different parenting websites or blog posts who have come up with good ways to talk to your daughter about Miley. And, don’t get me wrong, I’m all about parents talking to their daughters about sexuality.

But is no one going to hold anyone else on stage or behind the scenes accountable for that performance? Are we really going to have another one-sided conversation where we only talk to the girls about their sexuality while we completely ignore the boys in the room about their standards of behavior too?

There are next to no commentaries, articles, or blog posts that talk about how Robin Thicke was on stage with a woman young enough to be his daughter while thrusting his pelvis and repeating the line “I know you want it” while T.I. non-chalantly raps about much more graphic stuff.


So what can we do? In order to change the way we view women culturally, we need to change the way we view women individually. We need to call ******** on attempts to end domestic violence and misogyny towards women by only talking to our daughters. We need to talk to our sons and our brothers about respecting women and respecting themselves.

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(Oh, and ignore the brief remark about birth-control)

Aaargh I remember that song. Not really interested in watching the VMA performance, but I remember a few weeks back my friend was listening to it on the radio. It’s awful, in the worst possible way. :mad:

I was honestly kind of surprised to hear my friend listening to it. I get surprised whenever I hear Christians listening to songs about premarital sex, let alone “borderline” rape. I guess I’m just not aware of what’s on the radio, since I usually listen to Christian music when I listen to the radio at all. :blush:

Frankly, the entire thing was disgusting. I agree that our sons–and I have 3 of them–need to be held as accountable as our girls for lude behavior. However, the story is as old as time itself: for any young girl who thinks it’s cool and sexy to shove her butt in an older man’s face and wiggle it, there’s an older man who will be only too happy to take her up on the implicit invitation! I was personally offended by both Robin and Miley–and today by Miley’s dad, who apparently is defending her behavior as just a normal part of her growing up. SICK!

Some more thoughts…

Matt always puts it in perspective. Good read.

Miley’s “dancing” aside, I’m still shocked that any song which refers to women using the B-word can get airplay at all. And I don’t mean using the B-word in its traditional negative sense, I mean casually as a synonym for woman.

It reminds me of another song, in which the singer considers: “I’m trying to find the words to describe this girl without being disrespectful…” and the next line is: “Damn, you’s a sexy b- - - -”.

Since when is b- - - not a disrespectful term? As a father of young girls, it saddens me deeply that consumers are endorsing this attitude and allowing respect for women to crash to such depths. Whatever victories feminism may have gained, the fact remains that many men still see the value of women purely in sexual terms, and women are now buying directly into it (literally, if they buy these songs).

Very sad. :frowning:

I actually like that one even better. Thanks so much for sharing.

I hope more people wake up to see – that what is promoted via “songs” like “Blurred lines” is disrespect towards women and a culture of rape.

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