How to tell my friends that our Catholic Church is the true Church of God?


I live in Northeast India a region dominated by Christians especially in my state we have 80% Christians and the rest are hindu, Muslims and other religions. Most people in our state(meghalaya) are protestants and most of my friends are also protestants including my best friends. I really wanted to convert my best friends into Catholicism but i don’t know how. Me and my friends never talked about religion that’s why it is hard to start a religious conversation but my heart really wanted to convert them. Is there salvation outside the catholic church?


There may be those who belong to the Church in their hearts if not formally. That’s not the usual way it’s phrased, but you can hold out hope for their salvation even if they’re not formally received into the Church in this life.

It would still be good for them to officially join Catholicism, but as far as converting them goes… they need to be somewhat open to it before they’ll consider it. Pray for them. Show a good example. Perhaps there will be opportunity to chat with them about faith and the Church in general at some point. If you’re too pushy, though, it can drive them away.


I think the best way to encourage their interest in Catholicism is not to bother them about it or be pushy, but just be a good example. And make sure you know the faith well yourself. That way if they ever ask you, “Hey, why do Catholics do this or that?” you can give them a decent explanation.


“They’ll know we are Christians by our love.” You don’t convert. The Holy Spirit does. You live your life as an example of what the Holy Spirit calls us to and others will be pulled toward that like a magnet.


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