How to tell parents that I'm leaving my Islamic fate...?

My name is Omar and I’m fifteen. During the last months, I’ve constantly gad the desire to convert to catholicism. After reading a book about Our Lady last week, I finally decided that I am converting. The problem is, my whole family is radical Islamic. I fear i might be thrown out or something, because I really don’t thonk they will be to fond of my religion… So, anyone who knows how to tell your parents you’re converting? I am going to talk to the priest at my local church tomorrow, but I don’t know if he can help me explain the situation to my parents. :-/

Forever grateful for answers, and may God bless you. :slight_smile:

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I think that heavily depends on where you live. You don’t want to get into trouble. You are still a minor and even if you live in a country where leaving Islam would not have other consequences except your family getting angry, you would still need their permission to convert.

I say take it easy. Talk to your parish priest about your situation and where you are spiritually. Start going to mass every sunday (if possible). Read a lot, learn about the faith and pray. God will not leave you, trust in Him.

Hi Omar! Welcome to Catholic Answers!

I would advise you to be very cautious and not do anything in haste. You describe your family as radical - I am not sure what that means but I suspect it means they won’t accept anything but Islam and its tenets and that maybe converting would be seen as rejecting the family? And isn’t it seen as impossible to leave Islam for another religion? Be very careful. Especially if you live in a mostly Islamic country. If you have Catholic Churches in your area, then maybe you aren’t in Saudi Arabia…

I will add you to my prayers, Omar.

Wow. I will be praying for you. You cannot believe how overjoyed I am to see this. :extrahappy:

I must say, it’s going to be tough but remember Jesus went through far worse when he tried to speak to Truth. By recalling the sufferings of Christ I pray that will guide you make the right decisions. Being 15 years old you will have so many advices from elders whether Muslim or not so, it’s best to talk to your Priest.

I must say though that Im not really completely surprised because you mentioned Our Lady. She is the main connection between Catholicism and Islam.

God bless you on your journey.


Hey Omar! Im so proud of you and think you are really brave. Would it be possible for us to ask where you live? If you do not live in an islamic country then I would probably advise caution, as they others have already said. Go to your local parish priest. He will be only too happy to give you help and will welcome you with open arms! Our Lady is going to take great care of you Omar. She has brought you to her son! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

Thank you, to everybody! For your nice words, your tips and remembering me in prayers. I’ll keep you in my prayers as well. :slight_smile: As for where I’m living, I am living in Norway. Thank Our Lord, if I hadn’t I’d probably been killed by now… I’m heading for church in a couple of hours, to attend a mass and to talk with the priest. :wink:


Thats awesome!!! But remember, depending on your family they may not give you permission to convert, which I think is a requirement if you are a minor. The prudent thing to do, again depending on your family and how “radical” they are, may be to wait til your 18 or whatever the age of majority is in your country before officially converting. In the meantime stay as close as you can to the church, attend mass etc. And remember if you are unable to convert you still receive the baptism of desire for wanting to convert as soon as possible.

Oh, here in Norway you’re free to convert from a religion to another at the age of 15. :slight_smile: Guess we’re lucky, I could never live with people forcing their religion on me… I talked to the priest today, and he told me I was welcome to The Catholic Church Of Norway. But he did not have any experience with converts, so he was going to talk with a fellow priest. I got his E’mail adress, I’ll contact him tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Okay, but your parents can kick you out, can’t they? Or worse? Please still, be careful about how you go about this.

I am happy that you have opened your mind to other beliefs. That is not always easy.

As others have pointed out, the laws of Norway cannot protect you if you face the true belief of Islam that to turn your back on those beliefs can be severely punished. What is your father’s view of how converting would be perceived by his fellow Muslims? Would he seek to punish you in severe fashions?

I can only advise you to follow your heart. Perhaps the Catholic church can give you sanctuary.

Read about St Ahmed the Calligrapher and Martyr:

No, they cant. Or, tecnically, they can, but they’ll have to deal with sanctions from the government. You’ll be surprised by the level of social and health favors (couldn’t find another word… :blush: ) we have in this country! :slight_smile: Aaaaand, if they try doing so, I’ve already made plans to flee to a church or monastery. Always think positive, but prepare for the worst! :thumbsup:

Thank you for your tips, Zekariya and Ivcabbie. :smiley:

Omar, thanks for posting and keep the people here informed on how things are going for you.

I was curious about Islam and recently read a book, said to be a good introductory one, on the subject. It seemed to me that with all the rules involved, Islam resembles how old-time Judaism must have been, with many many very particular regulations of even small and irrelevant things. And God is a stern master ruling through fear.

One should both love and fear God. One should keep God foremost in his thoughts and motivations.

They can do far worse and more drastic things than kicking you out, and all the sanctions in the world would not prevent them or help you if they do.

I for one would not be encouraging you to do anything that would provoke them.

I know!!! I respect all religion equally, but I still find aspect with different religions that I simply can’t understand. Like in the Quran, where it is written " Thou shall shake of fear for Thy God." I’m like: Everyone should fear God. But your love, and the connection between human, The Father, The Son, The Holy Spirit, Our Lady and the saints, not to mention the angels, should be many times more important. Fear God, but never forget to love He who loves you. :slight_smile:

I believe there lies much wisdom and truth behind your eords, Lily. I may do myself a favour by listening to them. Do you have any other tips regarding this issue, for example how to talk with them? :slight_smile:

I agree with LilyM. Please be careful. It is wonderful that the law would protect you, but there have been so many incidents of violence in Muslim families when a member dishonors the parents, which shows that even strict laws are not enough to prevent things. (My experience is the UK where I lived for a long time, no idea what things are like in Norway). You know your parents best. Do you think they would hurt you because of this?

Wow, Siecle, Welcome! You are brave. Most of all you have been given much grace by God to know the truth of His Church. He must have a really great plan for you. How wonderful. I always wondered how a Muslim could convert. I have heard it said - attributed to a mystic perhaps - that Our Lady would be a big factor in the conversion of Muslims. So do turn to her for her help with your parents. Put them and the conversation in her hands. Ask her to speak to your heart about how to speak to them.

What comes most to my mind is to keep your love of God first in your mind, and your desire to please Him. And have your love of your parents in the forefront of your mind as well, and your desire to please them. And then talk to them with these things in mind.

And you are 15 and must, like Jesus, live in obedience to your parents, as much as possible. So you need to appeal to them in love for what you desire. Ask Jesus, Mary, and Joseph to help you. The Holy Family. I often turn to them for matters involving family. They have never let me down. They won’t let you down either.

As to Our Lady, St. Louis De Montfort said that the Holy Trinity loves The Blessed Mother so much that all she has to do is >sigh< and they rush to do her bidding! Yes, remember that. She is your strong advocate!

When I converted from Evangelical Protestantism I had to face my already-usually-angry husband, as well as my community I loved who I knew would scorn my decision (and they did). But I had asked the Holy Spirit to lead me into truth and when He showed me the truth of Catholicism I could not say to Him, “Oh, sorry, the truth I asked you to lead me to is way too inconvenient for me.” So now I needed to go where the truth is (or, I realized, I would be blaspheming the Holy Spirit) and trust He would help me where He led me. So that is what I did, and He did help.

I just remembered one of the biggest helps was remembering the Coming Home Network. That is Marcus Grodi’s organization that puts on the “Journey Home” TV program, a show about converts who converted at a cost to their livelihood - the majority of the guests were pastors of other faith practices. So I called their number, in tears actually, because I realized my new-found realization of Catholicism was going to shake up my world, and I was afraid, so I remembered them, and called them. They hooked me right up with two people, Kim Franklin whose “Household of Faith” TV program was on EWTN at the time, and Lynn Nordhagan who was writing the book, If Only One Converts. They wrote me faithfully for that whole rocky year of conversion. They “carried” me through those hard months.

So I suggest calling or emailing Coming Home Network. Grodi has done programs in Norway! You can watch them on Youtube, and also probably his website. He must know some Islam converts and he would likely hook you up with a mentor who can really understand your particulars.

I think this is a great idea. If the priest that the OP has been in touch with has no experience with converts, let alone converts from Islam, then the OP needs someone with more knowledge in that area. Even if that person is not based in Norway it would be a good place to start.

When you describe your parents as “radical Islam,” I worry that they will get violent with you if you tell them you are thinking of leaving Islam. We in the United States have had “mercy killings” when a Muslim girl tries to marry out of her faith, or for other reasons as well. I think you need to get expert advice on this and have patience about telling your parents. As the other posters have said, the government is not going to protect you if your parents decide that what you are doing will shame the family and they hurt you in some way,.

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