How to treat a crush

How do I go about doing this? Im 15 and I you know have a crush on someone. I know this isn’t dating or how to date but what should I do? What would be a good way to get to know her?
Thanks you in advance!!!

OP, you are 15 years old, and from your other threads, you sound like you really need to talk to your parents about some of the things you are asking about online. They know you and can answer better than strangers on the internet. No one here can give you the advice you are seeking other than to say just talk to girls normally without trying to make a plan about dating them.


My best to you is just to try to do group things that you could invite her into. Then make a small point of serving her special? Like just try to boost her up when you can. But don’t go overboard? And don’t try to muscle in too strong.

The thing with a crush is usually it’s too early for them to crush back. So you’ve got to go easy. Break them into the idea and just really try the friendship angle. Don’t let them really know what’s totally going on. Just be the really best friend you can be. A selfless devoted pal.

The rest can sort of fall into place from there for sure.

Good luck!

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