How to tune up a eureka whirlwindplus vaccum cleaner?


one of my friends gave me her old vaccum cleaner… she asked me to tune it up and it would be good as new…!!!

how do i do this?


I never heard the term tune up applied to a vacuum cleaner, more like leave it in for a service.

If there is good suction power then just check the brush if it has one, those aren’t hard to replace, also the belt needs checked as-well.

If it has a dust filter it could need cleaned, washed and dried or a new one, I not sure if it is the bag-less type.

You would need to check the lead for cracks and thread-bare wires, as they can be extremely dangerous, if in doubt and it don’t cost the earth then leave it in to a repair shop.


Here’s a website:

Or try googling the make & model with the word “repair” or “do it yourself”, etc. Or you might be able to find the owner’s manual online; some companies keep them archived.

I always feel so happy when I find good “do it yourself” help online! So far it’s saved us $ for repairs on our dishwasher & clothes dryer. is a good site for bigger appliances, but I don’t think they cover vacuums.

Good luck!


I don’t know if she had something particular in mind when she said “tune up”. Periodically I will go and clean out all of the hair and strings, etc that get tangled up in the brush as well as all of the accumulation of lint and such that gets caught in all of the tubing of my vacuum cleaner. It seems to have a lot more suction and cleaning power if I do that from time to time.


There is very little in the way of maintenance for modern vacuum cleaners. Their motors are not serviceable so if it does run it will need replaced. If this is the case you’ll need to weigh the replacement cost and other costs against a new unit.

The biggest performance factor for bagless vacuums are the filters…and they can be costly. If you have an air compressor you can get a few extra miles out of them buy blowing compressed air through them from time to time but if this vacuum has been in service for a while you might want to start out with fresh filters and do your best to keep them clean. Beyond this you may need to replace the belt that drives the beater bar and clear the hair/threads from the beater bar. Nail scissors work well for this task. You may need to remove the beater bar from the head unit…this is typically very easy on newer units.

Hope this helps!


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