How to turn life around?

So after a year and some change of being unemployed, I finally landed myself a job. My life has made an improvement of sorts to itself. My question is how do I continue to turn my life around completely and fully heading in the direction in needs to go?

An example of my life right now is that every Saturday I’m going to confession and it’s for mostly the same things over and over again (to the point I think the priest is getting tired of hearing me), the usual vices being porn and masurbation, with some gluttony and wrath from time to time.

How do I stop this? Cold turkey doesn’t work for me and I’ve been confessing the same things every Saturday for the past year. I walk out of confession with every intent to do better but two or three days later I’m back to square one. My act of co friction sometimes feels hollow to me. The best I’ve been able to do is about a couple of weeks. What can I do to break the old routine and start a new one?

Praying for you. Since I am not in this situation, I decided to do a search for you. On the website there is a good article “Let’s talk about porn” which has some very helpful suggestions for help in avoiding porn and other sexual impurity. Keep trying, you will get there.

Also see Abyssinia’s thread about porn from today. One response includes helpful software,
Another one talks about accountability partners and also a CAF porn support group. There are many on this website recovering from a porn addiction. God bless you.

Check out or google Matt Frad. He has a podcast as well. Get started with him and follow the path. You shouldn’t keep doing it alone.

The novena to Our Lady Undoer of Knots is very powerful. I am in the middle of one right now and will add your intentions.

It has been said, “tell me your prayer life and I will tell you your sins.”

I would recommend the act of consecration to Mary even if it isn’t the 21 day consecration.
Just a simple consecration renewed at the beginning of each day. Then chit chat with Mary for a bit. Wear her miraculous medal and keep the Green Scapular in you pocket/wallet.

Then see your local confessor about your prayer life and your life of self denial in some way. That’s if you are in earnest. Nothing worth while is gained in this world without sacrifice and hard effort, and it works the same with the next world as well. You must be willing to do something that will draw down graces and at the same time strengthen your own will power. Strengthening will power means to be able to say no. We must say no to ourselves from time to time if we expect to say no to a temptation from time to time.

God bless and I will pray for you too.

All I can say is don’t give up. Even when you fail, the next day get right back to chastity. To add to what others wrote. This addiction is usually not just physical. Many times there is a mental or emotional need to it. You have to find out what this is and find healthy ways of meeting that need. Most commonly it’s loneliness. This could be a result of a disappointing childhood, a lack of career success causing feelings of worthlessness, or something else. Therapy can help if there is an emotional side to the addiction. You can also join a support group like SA. When healing the mind, a lot of times you won’t see any signs of progress. Then all of a sudden start making great strides in abstinence. Keep up the good work!

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