How to Undermine our Soldier's Morale

How to Undermine our Soldier’s Morale the MSM have it down to a science.

Would that we all remember :

Since this is Memorial Day weekend, I’m going to get down on my knees to thank God for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice serving our nation and pray for those who do so today. And I’m going to slip in another prayer that those who report “the news” here at home will yet report on some of the successes that these brave Americans have wrought with their blood, sweat and tears. Perhaps you’ll join me

BTW…this is a way to help Troops Morale:

I had a package sent to a soldier…

That was an excellent read, gilliam. Thanks for posting the link. Too bad the media doesn’t make more of such things and less of the inflammatory garbage they push in their efforts to make the administration look bad.

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