How to use a missal.

Today I ordered the Roman Catholic Daily Missal from Angelus press, and it should arrive in a couple days. My question is how do I use it? I hope this doesn’t sound like a dumb question, but I’ve seen some missals before and they seem to be very complicated. Any help would appreciated. :slight_smile:

You need 3-5 ribbons. Three if you’re only doing Sundays, five if you do daily Mass.

Ribbon #1 gets placed in the Mass propers for Sundays
Ribbon #2 gets placed where the appropriate Preface is
Ribbon #3 gets placed in the Order of Mass (flip through and stop where there is red and black text)
Ribbon #4 gets placed in the common propers for daily Mass (ie: Mass for a Virgin not a martyr, etc)
Ribbon #5 gets placed in the daily Mass feasts of saints

You follow Mass from the order of Mass and flip to corresponding ribbon when you get to each place. It makes more sense when you actually have a Missal as a reference point.

Mary: What an excellent idea! This would be great to have in place if you bring a non Catholic visitor to Mass as well.

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