How to use a prayer list

Often many will ask me to pray for them so I have heard that people keep prayer lists in prayer binders or journals.
When you have your prayer time, how do you go about using your lists?
thanks for your help…I am always looking for new ways to enrich my prayer time.
Blessings to all.

When you’re at Adoration or engaged in your private prayer time, simply take out the list and read through the names, asking God to bring peace and fulfillment to each person named when you are done. If it’s not a particularly lengthy list, you could add a special prayer from a patron of the need, (Like St. Jude for desperate causes) or compose one in your mind. For example:
*For xxx, Lord, who struggles with anger issues. Grant him peace, and the ability to calm himself in You. Make his life a refuge of compassion and tolerance, so that he will be able to minister to those who need his patience. *


As I am doing my daily prayers; I read the names on my list & pray for their intentions.

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