How to use Rom 8:35-39?


For the Communion of Saints? I see apologists citing these verses and taking it to mean that death can not separate Christians from eachother…but all I see is death can not separate Christians from the LOVE of Christ…how do they draw that specific conclusion?:shrug:


Hi Shadow!
I think it offers something, but it is not a passage that I’d ever use by itself to explain and defend The Communion of Saints. I do have an article on it on my blog that might help a little.
The Intercession & Communion of Saints

I use it to show that death does not separate us from Christ, and then go on to other texts. By itself you are right though.

I hope that helps some.


I am one of those. The reason that we are connected to one another is because of the love of Christ. His sacrifice on the cross, and our participation in His Body through baptism is what connects us to one another.


AHHHH it’s the ol’ vine and branches thing. I get it.


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The love of Christ is the Church. She is his Bride, isn’t she? Also, Christ is the Church. If death cannot separate a Christian from Christ, it cannot separate a Christian from the Church either.

– Mark L. Chance.


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