How to use the psalms in prayer?

How would I be able to use the psalms in prayer?

In the LOTH they are used as Praise, Adoration and to Glorify Our Lord. That is the best prayer giving the absolute necessary honor due to Our Creator. I know that doesn’t really answer your question but that’s how I use them.

You can use the Liturgy of the Hours which used psalms - there are several sites that have it in order so you don’t have to look it all up in the books. Free site not requiring a password is or which requires an account and password.

In addition to the Liturgy of the Hours, you could use the Psalms as a basis for lectio divina.

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Mostly, the Psalms themselves are prayers… you can include them as part of your daily prayer life or use one/a few that hold a particular meaning for you and include them with your daily prayers.

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I bought The Perfect Prayer Book by Father Frey which is perfect for daily prayer using the Psalm

Thank you I will look into buying a copy.

They can be used to do self examination, with God.

You can read them, pray about them, and in conversation with God, convert a passage or part of a passage or even a word into a point of examination, a custom examination of conscience if you will, like this.

From Psalm 75.

For the leader. Do not destroy!

“Lord where do I destroy with my words? Who or what do I rip down out of my impatience, my moodiness?”

A psalm of Asaph; a song. We thank you, God, we give thanks; we call upon your name, we declare your wonderful deeds.

“My Father God, I give You thanks; help me to give thanks more often; do I thank You for only the “good things” or do I thank you as joyfully for the setbacks You allow me to suffer and shoulder?”

[You said:] “I will choose the time; I will judge fairly.Though the earth and all its inhabitants quake, I make steady its pillars.”a Selah. So I say to the boastful: “Do not boast!”
to the wicked: “Do not raise your horns!*
Do not raise your horns against heaven!
Do not speak with a stiff neck!”
For judgment comes not from east or from west, not from the wilderness or the mountains, But from God who decides, who brings some low and raises others high.

Do I judge fairly Lord? Do I learn from You? Do I give in to interior criticism too quickly?
Where do I boast, where do I let my vanity lead me around by the nose?
On what subjects do I have a “stiff neck”?

That sort of approach.

Does that make sense what I am suggesting…turning or converting the words into a conversation with God.


We can actually make it, as you’ve suggested, a self-examination… an examination of conscience… we can also make it part of our motto:

17 I will perpetuate your memory through all generations;
therefore the nations will praise you for ever and ever.
(Psalm 45)

When I read Scriptures I make sure that I include this verse with my readings… this places my mind and heart in searching through the Word with a specific purpose… to propagate the Faith!

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If you live near an Eastern Catholic, or an Eastern Orthodox Church, try to go to an Orthros. That’s a really good example of how psalms are prayed.

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