How to Welcome Christ Into Your Heart

This lovely article was posted on an Internet group to which I belong. It was so uplifting and beneficial that I thought I would take the liberty of posting it here. While attending Mass this morning the principles of this article kept running through my mind. I hope it blessed you as much as it has blessed me!

By the late Father Kilian McGowan, C.P.

In the quest for Christian Perfection, there is one means that is the most effective in achieving this goal. This is the Eucharist whose special grace is union with Christ through love.

Let us immediately say that the Blessed Sacrament does far more than merely symbolize this union of the soul with Christ – it actually effects it! Our Blessed Lord wasn’t playing with words when He promised: “He who eats My Flesh and drinks My Blood abides in me and I in him.” (John 6:57).

This is an amazing and almost unbelievable reality – the Eucharist truly effects a physical union between our bodies and the Sacred Host; it is a union of our souls with the Divinity of Christ – and thus with the Godhead Itself.

The special grace of this Eucharistic Food then is one that unites and gradually transforms us into Christ. An entire volume could be written on its wondrous effects, but this is the one that summarizes all others.

Theologians tell us that the whole Sacramental System is ordered to the Eucharist as to its consummation and end. This is another way of saying that all the sacraments have as their ultimate purpose union with Christ in charity. And isn’t this the very goal of our Christian lives?

The conclusion that flows from this truth is obvious. The Blessed Sacrament should be at the very center of our lives, because it contains Christ and the whole power of His Passion. Also we should dispose ourselves as perfectly as possible for this wondrous gift.

In the Eucharist, our Lord comes to you in perfect self-surrender. As your Creator He comes to re-create you. As your Savior He comes to save you. As your Divine Lover He comes to put His Power, mercy and love at your disposal. He ardently desires to be your life – your way – your other self!

You should approach Him in the same way – with perfect self-surrender. Your faith should tell you what this sacrament contains. Your confidence in the power of this sacrament should be absolutely unlimited. Your humility should expose your spiritual need. Your love should beg Him to take over yourself and your life.

At the moment of Communion, the Heavenly Father sends His Son on a special mission to your soul. It’s a time to converse at leisure with your God. A time when He is lavish with His graces. Poor use of this time will cause the loss of many special graces.

As you approach Holy Communion, remember that you are about to receive far more than you have the power to give. Just as one Holy Mass can make perfect reparation for what your sins have done to God, so also one fervent Communion can repair the damage that your sins have done to yourself!

In fact it can do much more . . . many of the saints tell us that a single Communion could make a saint!

Thank you for sharing this.

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