How to you download tv shows

I know on the Lost 5 forum, there was a UK member who said he dosent have access to the original website that offers them for free so he has to download them elsewere to his computer. My question to you is how could you download tv shows for free to your computer? I mean I dont think it should be a hassle considering there are websites like abc that offer episodes for free. So if you could help me out here that would be very helpful.

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It’s best to try and find them on the TV stations that offers their episodes for free. You could try Youtube. Yes, there are other programs that let you download stuff, but some programs are used for pirating software, and also could contain viruses/trojans/worms.

Thank you Jennifer very much for your response, and yes I`m quite afraid from viruses and worms. What did you mean by TV stations, do you have any websites you can recommend?

For example has full episodes of their shows (not that they’re exactly the best of show out there). Most major stations (,, etc.) have a section where you can watch their episodes, or clips of them.

Oh, I knew about those shows, but unfortunatly I don`t have access to watch tv shows because I live outside the US. That is my problem. But thanks for your help:)

ps- until I find something Im stuck with cuirca

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