How true is the vocation?


The church bulletin mentioned:
Vocations: “Be strong, do not fear!” With every true vocation comes the strength and courage of the one who calls.

How does one know if the vocation is truly true?


The only way to discover ones vocation is to pray, to seek counsel from someone who is wise and prayerful. If it is a call to religious life or the priesthood you try it – because a vocation just doesn’t happen it has to be tested and then you find out in the process of discernment if it is really the vocation for you. Marriage is a different story, you don’t just try marriage.


How does one know if the vocation is truly true?

If you feel called, you visit, you talk, you listen.

If you still feel called, and if those in charge agree that you might have a vocation, you enter the seminary, or the congregation, or the order and try your vocation – with all the joy and love and strength you can muster.

Then you pray, you listen, and you trust that God will continue to lead. You’ll know. Trust me, you’ll know.

God bless you!


“True” here is used as a synonym for “real.”

In my youth and in my years in seminary, I thought I had a vocation to the priesthood because I perceived an inner call and an attraction to the priesthood. However, I only KNEW that I had a vocation (and that what I perceived interiorly was, in fact, real) when the Church called me, through the voice of my bishop, at the moment of my ordination.

The statement in your parish bulletin is absolutely true. I have lived it for decades. And it applies no less truly for Deacons, for those Religious who are not ordained, and for those who have a vocation to married life.


the same way Moses knew the burning bush was God Himself…

here’s a good one to read for someone thinking about discerning a vocation:


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