How Trump's attack on Mexico could hurt border security


How Trump’s attack on Mexico could hurt border security

This is a very good article and it actually indicates that all Trumps Mexico polemics is actually untrue.

One thing in particular that stands out to me is that if anyone is not living up to its end of the Mérida Initiative …it’s us.

—that required Mexico to crack down on crime within its borders and the United States to address domestic drug demand.

…The results haven’t been perfect. Violent crime in Mexico has increased significantly the past few years, while the United States faces its own opioid epidemic.

So then it appears that the U.S. has failed to carry its own weight in that agreement by not curbing drug demand here as agreed.

Not to mention that Mexico is turning back thousands of Central American immigrants at their southern borders which is a huge help to the U.S.

So trying to make an economically strapped Mexico pay for a wall that will be ineffective anyway while saying they aren’t doing their part is just propaganda concocted to get himself elected or make himself look like he can reasonably deliver on this promise. So far it looks like we taxpayers get to foot the bill for it and as we have seen many times before that’s where it ends for us.:mad:

Maybe el Presidente Trump should pay for it all out of his own pocket?

Maybe he’d do better to pour all that money into curbing the demand for dope here in the states which would then help Mexico’s efforts to be more effective and benefit both nations,

Feeling duped yet my fellow Americans? You should…


Trump and Mexico’s president have smoothed things out…

If we want to point fingers then let’s look at what Obama did after the election…

All of these failures on the United States part if true, came under Obama’s watch. And you are trying to pin them on Trump. People aren’t stupid.


We don’t need to kick Mexico in the teeth when they are down. We need to work with them. The poorest will suffer the most if we impose tariffs to fund the wall.

We created our own opiate epidemic. Our own government (this goes back a few presidents) allowed itself to be hoodwinked by the drug company that made oxycodone, a highly addictive opiate. The government recommendations were based on a poorly conducted study, done by the drug company, that claimed it wasn’t addictive. In addition, government hospital inspections came with a new emphasis on controlling the “fifth vital sign” which was “pain”. Hospitals were dinked if they didn’t give enough pain killer to patients, even if those painkillers were highly addictive. Doctors and hospitals responded and drug companies got rich as people became addicted to opiates. Pill mills rose and prescription drugs were harder to come by when the states cracked down on them. However, street opiate demand soared and thus, Mexican drug lords responded to supply and demand.

Doctors have complaining about this for years. Want to read more?


Attack on mexico? How about defense of America?


The South of the Border drug cartels have also been sending other illegal drugs and for years. It’s just not our pharmaceutical companies or gov’t regulations that are a problem, even though that is an issue that is being addressed. Doctors now can only prescribe a limited amount of opiates to their patients.


There are many stories like this for those not familiar with the border.


That’s what I was thinking…


its not financially beneficial to try and lessen the drug demand in the US, far too much money to be made for many different organizations and people.

Law enforcement is at the top of the list, some departments get their entire funding from drug and cash seizures, the problem itself also ensures a massive need for LE agents, equipment, funding, prisons, etc. Think about what would happen if a wrench was thrown into that.

I really do believe there is some degree of collusion between the cartels and US Govt/ US Justice Dept…there is really no other explanation for the cartels ( in a post 9-11 world) to consistently be able to keep the entire US supplied in drugs.

In reality the heroin trade could be stopped very quickly…it takes ALOT of poppies to make heroin, to keep an entire nation supplied, they must have fields that can be seen from space, and destroying them would be easy and justifiable, considering how many US citizens it has killed, it is terrorism in that aspect.


Image if things were not so bad down there that people would not be desperate to get here. Best for everyone. Perhaps helping Mexico and Central America to become safe and economically feasible places to raise families should be the priority. If people are happy at home they will have no need to try crossing illegally. Lets get to the root of the problems.


Trump is negotiating.

[It’s not an attack.]

[If someone is president of his or her country, then he or she has to be able to take a little bit of heat. Politics ain’t beanbag, as someone once said.]


I read the article you posted. This isn’t an issue regarding the “wall.” It’s an issue of not gate in that community.

A community like that should have had a gate built in there.

Mexicans and Americans should be able to easily cross the boarder legally. But illegal crossings and drugs should not be able to easily cross.

Trump is calling for many more boarder agents and has said he wants big gates. Hopefully, that is to allow towns like this to have gates and boarder agents to staff them.



If Trump is really serious about protecting Americans then it should be a relatively simple task of ordering a few drone attacks on the haciendas of the drug lords south of the border…I’m sure our intelligence services know where they are…blow a few of them to kingdom come and the rest will soon get the message about sending their drugs here…we can target terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan from here in the US using drones so it shouldn’t be no problem.


Since Trump has not “attacked” Mexico, your title is false, so I will not bother clicking the article.


The title of the thread must match the title of the article. And there are many kinds of attacks, including verbal, tweets, threats. Bombs and soldiers are not always required.

How do you know what kind of attack the article was about if you don’t read it?


Trump has vilified Mexico since 2015.


A viable possibility provided Presidente Nieto and the Mexican people would be okay with that.

That’s your prerogative but it’s not an opinion piece and the article contains more than ample facts…something Trump seems to have real problems with.

Thanks for the wise counsel… I very much appreciate it.

Quite true and a great deal of it was baseless xenophobic propaganda. He seems to like to paint other people with a really big brush.


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