How U.S. Military Chaplains Are to Deal With Gay Couples: Official Catholic Directions

The U.S. Catholic Archdiocese for Military Services has told Catholic chaplains in the U.S. armed forces that they cannot be forced to witness or bless “unions” of gay couples, and that they should not participate in such ceremonies as retirements or promotion ceremonies when it would mean acknowledging or approving a gay “marital” relationship. Nor may they be placed in a situation where their assistance at a funeral gives the impression of such approval. At the end, this statement also speaks of a dilemma U.S Catholic military commanders have been facing. This document says that a commander may grant federal employment benefits to those in gay relationships if his own employment would be threatened if he denied them, as long as he also makes known his objection to being required to participate.

Thanks for sharing this. Let’s all continue to pray for our Catholic chaplains who may be facing a tough time ahead.

The part I bolded is the part that will undoubtedly get the Catholic commander fired and most likely a court-martial on top of it. I retired from the military just in the nick of time. Perhaps the government wants the U.S. military to follow the homosexual practices of the ancient Greek and Roman armies. But, it would help to know that those civilizations failed.

I predict that these pro-gay military policies will die out as soon as Obama and his ilk are out of office.

I don’t think so. I don’t think that they will be expanded, but I think that rolling them back would garner too much media attention, public backlash, and controversy for a president to attempt it.

I think BEL is right in this instance. People of faith are losing ground steadily in the culture wars.

Unfortunately for faithful Christians, there are too many morally damaging things the current admin did for one president to undo it all.

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