How unusual was it for a 1st century male in Palestine to remain single?

Culturally, should I assume that many/most Jewish men in Christ’s times married?

Obviously among his followers, they either remained single or likely had less of a home/family life if they spent most of their time following Him.

Just curious.

Well, since John the Baptist, Paul, and Jesus remained unmarried, it can’t have been all that unusual. Also, there was the well known Nazarite Vow (see umbers 6:1-27). The vow of the Nazarite was voluntarily made by those who desired “to separate themselves unto the LORD either temporarily or permanently.

The only Apostle we know for sure was married was Peter because Scripture mentions his mother in law. However, we don’t know if his wife was still alive or not when he followed Jesus because there is no mention of her.

Almost unheard of, except for groups like the Essenes, some of whom appear to have have practiced celibacy.

The Acts of the Apostles mentions that Andrew had three daughters who were virgins.

What is your source for this view?

It was not Andrew but Phillip and it is not recorded in the Bible. The following is from the Catholic Encyclopedia [online].

"In his letter to St. Victor, written about 189-98, bishop Polycrates of Ephesus mentions among the “great lights”, whom the Lord will seek on the “last day”, “Philip, one of the Twelve Apostles, who is buried in Hieropolis with his two daughters, who grew old as virgins”, and a third daughter, who “led a life in the Holy Ghost and rests in Ephesus.”

Sorry about thinking it was Andrew.

How can anyone answer this question without the knowledge of every factor that could include medical reasons that are not in our hands to evaluate?
Pure speculation based on your question as it is asked.

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