How was Jesus present within the Godhead and fully divine on earth at the same time?


When the Son became man and obtained the human nature, He became fully human and He was always fully divine, right? Now the problem I have is understanding how when Jesus was fully divine on earth, how He was still with the Father and the Holy Spirit in Heaven at the same time, because when the Son became Jesus Christ, the Trinity remained as the Trinity, right? In other words, how was Jesus fully present with the Father and the Holy Spirit, and also fully divine on earth?
Please help

Btw, is it okay to say that “the Son became Jesus Christ”?


I’ll answer this as best as I could.

Jesus, being fully divine (not just on earth), is outside the scope of space and time. Yes the body is on earth walking as man. That’s the part of Jesus that’s fully human. The divinity of Jesus on the other hand is not restricted within His human body. So being God, despite the fact that He walked the earth would not be a hindrance of Him being with the Father and the Holy Spirit.

Think of it this way. If He is fully divine yet is unable to be with the Father and the Holy Spirit then He is in fact not fully divine. I’m sorry if I’m not good at explaining… :slight_smile:


Hi MH,

God is a pure spirit. He does not occupy space. He is not “In” heaven". He IS heaven. So the Second Person assuming our human nature, does not change anything in the divinity.



God is omnipresent — there is no problem with what you ask based on that one fact.


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