How was marriage seen before it was 'recognised' as a vocation?

Did people think that it wasn’t as important/special as a religious vocation?

People generally killed each other over it. I am willing to switch back if the present state is found too disagreeable.

Well, for untold centuries it was essentially a business/political arrangement between two families. That’s quite different from vocation as we talk about it. I would think a daughter promised in marriage against her own will hardly had a vocational frame of reference.

Since you give yourself totally willingly to your spouse since Paul says the in Ephesians 25 “Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her” and the family is the minature model of the church .

Weird, but laughed none the less

That’s true and really sad, I guess I was thinking of slightly later than that but never mind:)


Thanks guys.

In the Middle Ages, it was normally a way for families to make money or alliances.

Culturally pre V2 marriage was not commonly referred to as a vocation. “Vocation” pre V2 meant religious life or the priesthood. V2 corrected all those theologically incorrect cultural ‘norms’ and included marriage and also the lay state as potential vocations or calls from God. V2 corrected our cultural concepts of what a vocation actually could be and is.

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