How was our spirit created?


Just a deep thought last night in the shower.
Where did our spirit come from? Were we seperate spirits created by GOD or we were created from a part of him?

What do you think?


Yes, our souls are specially created by God. This is a teaching of the Church.

God does not have parts.


What? No parts? LOL! Just teasing!
So we were created seperate by GOD? Is our spirit simular to his?
Did he create us like him?


Our soul is that which gives us life. We are created in His image and likeness.


Thank you David for your coments.
his image and his likeness, so its like when we have our kids, in a sense. They are in our image and likeness. Am I on the right path here with that?


You’re on the right path. When we have kids, however, they are the same type of thing we are.

We are made in the image of God primarily because we have intellect and will.

He creates the spirit of each of us instantaneously out of nothing at the moment of our creation.


GOD’S intellect and his will!!!

The Intellect of God confirms something I always felt, all knowledge is available to us through that.
God’s Will, his will is for love and compassion to everyone, no sickness or death. God’s will.


Kind of in a sense, but remember this important point. Although we are created in His image and likeness, we are not created in His substance (divinity.) Our kids are created in our substance (humanity.)


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