How was the bible compiled?

From the gospel writers to the 73 chapters that we have today, how was the bible compiled?

You mean 73 books?

I’d suggest check this out:

It explains it quite well and in detail.


…basically we have the Old Testament Writings… these were safeguarded by the people of Israel; they were Written in the span of hundreds of years; collected, copied, and recopied as Israel would survive the onslaught of invasions and exiles… as it happens there would be different religious groups with different understanding… we get to Septuagint:

The Septuagint (from the Latin septuaginta, “seventy”) is a Koine Greek translation of a Hebraic textual tradition that included certain texts which were later included in the canonical Hebrew Bible and other related texts which were not. As the primary Greek translation of the Old Testament, it is also called the Greek Old Testament. [size=]This translation is quoted a number of times in the New Testament

,[1][2] particularly in Pauline epistles,[3] and also by the Apostolic Fathers and later Greek Church Fathers. (
Once the Church is Founded by Christ the Holy Spirit Unfolds the Revelations and the emerging Church begins to Preach the Gospel; as the Church grows the Apostles begin to put into Writing the Word they had been Teaching.

As attested by Sacred Scriptures the New Testament Writings begin to get circulation in the Church; eventually the emerging Church matures enough to establish Doctrinal Practices, one of which is the reading of the Old Testament (which includes the Psalms and the books rejected by non-Catholics) and the Writings of the Apostles… there were additional writings that were not placed as part of the Canon, which took place in two councils through a span of several decades:

The Catholic Church made dogmatic definition upon its Biblical canon at the Council of Trent of 1546, reaffirming the Canons of Florence of 1442 and North African Councils (Hippo and Carthage) of 393-419.[1][2] For the Church of England, it was made dogmatic on the Thirty-Nine Articles of 1563; (

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