How was the Palm Sunday attendance at your parish?

Well, at the Saturday evening Mass, it was practically like a regular crowd. The early morning Mass today was somewhat more crowded than the Saturday evening one, and the late Sunday morning one was the most crowded out of all three.

I think last year was more crowded.

we have a 4pm Sat, Sun 8:30am and 11:00am. We went to the 11am Mass and didn’t notice anymore than usual sorry to say. it is a small, older parish.

SRO at all Masses, situation normal

Completely packed, as usual.

Went to 6:30pm Saturday, very crowded.

Same here, we got to Mass right on time but had to stand along with about a dozen other people because there were no seats available.

Definitely larger numbers. :slight_smile:

We have 7 masses. The church seats 800. Every seat in the house was taken and some people stood in the back for every mass. The youth group acted out the Gospel as it was read. We were very proud of the kids. They went to all seven masses.


Br. JR, OSF :slight_smile:

Our 6:30 Mass had about two to three times the normal amount of people, it was very cool. It is also usually without any special sort of music (just a capella hymn singing, no cantor) but we had an organist and a choir (I was in) today, it was great!

Went to the 10:30am Mass at the University and it was *full *of Jesus-loving college kids/families.:yyeess:
Had a great time :slight_smile:

I was shocked! I walk over to mass often and usually am the only one I see along the way. This morning, there were about ten others who were also walking and arrived at the edge of the property at the same time I did.

The church was crowded inside, every pew filled, it seemed. I thought, this must be the holiday crowd that shows up at Mass only a few times annually. How else to explain it?

It’s not my conscience.

Our Mass was slightly less crowded, which I blame on the fact that it is a Mass at a college campus, and it happened to be a downpour outside right before Mass time, which tends to deter some people from walking 15 minutes with no coverings.

Mass seemed a little light, but it’s been a rough week in our parish; three parishioners died this past week, two of whom were very popular in the community. I think some of our people may have simply been fatigued (or maybe they went to a later Mass; I go early on Sunday).

I was at the 8:00AM Mass and it was very well attended. People love the Palm Sunday Mass-- it’s one of the Masses many of us look forward to throughout the liturgical year. There were several more people who arrived early to say the Rosary which is customary at our parish before each Mass. The weekend after Easter we will have the Chaplet of Divine Mercy instead of the Rosary since it will be Divine Mercy Sunday.:thumbsup:

PACKED!!! Sunday it was wall to wall, standing room only. My Wife, Son & I actually arrived about ten minutes earlier than usual, and still were barely able to find a seat. I spent much of the Mass in tears (well more than usual), and when Mass was over, the priest, deacon, altar servers etc, made their procession out of the church in silence. I could no longer hold back the tears at that point. I had to look at the ground, because I didn’t want all of the people walking past me, to see that I was crying. I also had my wife & son meet me out in the car, so I could sit there for a minute & pull myself together. After Mass I always let the church thin out a little anyway, so I can make my way to the altar, drop to one knee & make the sign of the cross. P.S. On a somewhat sadder note, evening prayer during Lent at my church on Sunday evenings, has only been drawing about six people every Sunday Night so far. On a positive note though, the church is nice & quiet.

We have 6:30 on Sat and 08:30, 10:00, 11:30 on Sun

I woke up too late to attend my usual 10:00; the clocks had gone forward and I had not taken into account

Anyway, I attended the 11:30 Mass and it was quite full; there wasn’t a single pew unoccupied. Our parish is small and although well-attended, the Church has never been as full as this. But then again, I have only been attending Church for the last couple of months so not the best person to judge ‘trends’

Low for some reason.

Our schola sang (Gregorian Chant) at a Saturday evening Mass at a large parish in Sherbrooke, Quebec. It was reasonably well attended for a Saturday evening Mass, as that parish usually is.

On Sunday I also attended the Palm Sunday Mass at the local Benedictine abbey, very beautiful, all in Gregorian Chant, beautiful procession into the abbey church while singing “Gloria laus”…

That service was very full as well.

Packed to the gills. But we went to the most popular Mass time anyway, which is almost always SRO, so hard to tell.

Packed to the gills.

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